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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1977 - 30 July. 7 August

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The construction of a private pool and the small misadventures that it can create.

Original Title LA PISCINA
Italian Title LA PISCINA
Category Out of competition
Section Tribute to Bruno Bozzetto
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 6'
Production Year 1976
Nationality Italy, Switzerland
Directed by Bruno Bozzetto
Screenplay Bruno Bozzetto

 regista Bruno BozzettoBRUNO BOZZETTO

Bruno Bozzetto (Milan, March 3, 1938) is an Italian animator, draftsman and director.
Author of some animated feature films and numerous short films, many of which see the protagonist of his Mr. Rossi, symbol of the average Italian citizen grappling with the malpractice of his own company.
Born in Milan on 3 March 1938, son of Umberto Bozzetto, contractor and manufacturer of photographic equipment.
Just with the help of his father (after having just fifteen with his classmates realized the first short film Donald Duck, grotesque and Orwellian version of the Disney character) and with a self-produced technique of shooting housewife, as a young university shoots two first films about the world of insects: Little world friend (1955) and A blade of grass (1957).
But his first "real" film is Tapum! The history of weapons, in 1958. The film is shown at the Cannes Film Festival, attracting the attention of the Canadian animator Norman McLaren and the British producer John Halas, with whom the young designer will collaborate.
In 1960 he founded the Bruno Bozzetto Film, in which authors and artists such as Guido Manuli, Giuseppe Laganà, Giovanni Mulazzani, Walter Cavazzuti, Giancarlo Cereda, and Maurizio Nichetti took part.
The foundation of this personal production house also coincides with the creation of the character that will bring Bozzetto to success: Mr. Rossi, a character who embodies a common Italian citizen of middle age, the protagonist of a long series of short films and seven feature films. The first short film is from 1960, with the title An Oscar for Mr. Rossi. The first feature is instead Signor Rossi looking for happiness.
In 1965 he made the feature film West and Soda, followed in 1968 by Vip - My brother superman and in 1976 by Allegro non troppo, a response to the film Fantasia by Walt Disney. The interludes between an execution and the other are shot from life, with Maurizio Nichetti as the protagonist. In the same years some advertising films are made for Carosello.
In the seventies Bozzetto creates some color stripes focused on the new adventures of Mr. Rossi (Mr. Rossi and women), but also of Vip my brother superman and West & Soda, published in Il Corriere dei Piccoli. Publish comic books Thousand little idiots, The abominable skiers and Ventun Din amateur photographer.