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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 1977 - 30 July. 7 August

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Tale of the Brothers GRIMM, illustrated by a montage of photographs, painted with oil, illuminated, then filmed, putting in scene the characters of this fairy tale. The story is told by a narrator, comedian Michael Lonsdale, and accompanied by a soundtrack, including a music by Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART. In preamble, one of the two directors presents in voiceover this original creation. A young soldier who bravely served his king, as soon as the war was over, was driven from his regiment without the smallest coin. Badly rewarded for his bravery, the young man now promised to trust his astute and mischievous spirit. He took the path to the forest, where he made six turns in turn. Whenever he crossed the path of one of these people, she joined the journey. One of them responded to the king's challenge of running for the princess, his daughter; the winner would get the hand of the latter, while he would be condemned to have his head cut if he was defeated. The six companions leagued, to allow the rider to win this race. He won the race, but the princess, furious, refused to marry this manant without fortune. The king then decided to get rid of the six companions, but in vain. The six companions eventually won all the gold of the king, resumed the road, divided the treasure in six equal parts, then separated.

Category Official Competition
Section Official Competition
Tipology Short Film
Production Year 1977
Nationality France
Directed by Elizabeth Lennard

 regista elizabeth lennardELIZABETH LENNARD