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Jacques, a Brussels man in his forties, one day meets the fakir Abracadabra who, before dying, transmits to him an exceptional power of which Jacques ignores the effects. Random steps, he will then meet a researcher of gold, Gabriel, generous character, disguised as Davy Crockett who will follow him without asking questions. The two companions, soon joined by others, set out to conquer the Far West, their childhood as Voltaire sought the Eldorado and Saint-Exupéry the unknown planet.
Because the Far West is nowhere: it is an imaginary plot as everyone likes to dream, a piece of happiness buried in the heart ...

Original Title LE FAR WEST
Italian Title FAR WEST
Category Official Competition
Section Official Competition
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 88'
Production Year 1973
Nationality Belgium, France
Directed by Jacques Brel
Screenplay Jacques Brel, Paul Andréota
Main cast Jacques Brel, Gabriel Jabbour, Danièle Evenou

 regista Jacques BrelJACQUES BREL

Jacques Romain Georges Brel (Schaerbeek, 8 April 1929) is a French-speaking Belgian songwriter, composer, actor and director. Remembered in the Francophone nations as an actor and theater director. In 1969 he participated in the film Mon oncle Benjamin in the main role. He wrote, directed and appeared in the film Le Far West, nominated in 1973 for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.
He was born in Schaerbeek, Belgium, a town in the urban conurbation of Brussels, but he lived most of his life in Paris. Still young, he decided to abandon his career as a singer to retire to live in Polynesia, in the Marquesas Islands, after having traveled the world aboard his sailboat, the Askoy.