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GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 2018 - 20.28 july

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Category: Edition 2018

On a cold autumn day, a bear catches a cold while bathing in the river. Back in his cave, he sneezes so hard that a huge boulder falls across the entrance, trapping him inside. Even with the help of a passing ant, and her friends badger, wolf, moose and bison, try as they might, they cannot move the rock. But the ant has a better idea.

Category Official Competition
Section Elements +3
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 6' 50''
Production Year 2017
Nationality Belgium, France
Directed by Anais Sorrentino
Screenplay Arnaud Demuynck
Animation Hugo Frassetto, Anais Sorentino
Sound Christian Cartier
Music Alexandre Brouillard
Original Voices Christian Leonard
Lily Demuynck Deydier
Sarah Maus
Django Schrevens Da Silva
Arnaud Demuynck
Hugo Frassetto
Produced by Arnaud Demuynck

 regista Anaïs SorrentinoANAÏS SORRENTINO
Anais Sorrentino studied animation in the French animation schools ESAAT (Roubaix) and Supinfocom (Valenciennes). Her graduation film PARQUE (2006) was co-directed with Celine Boivin. She then worked for video games, as a 3D animator at Hydravision Entertainment, and then as head of the Animation Department of Mighty Rocket Studio. She came back to direct animated short films in 2014. She directed DENTELLES ET DRAGON (2015), UN TRAVAIL DE FOURMIS (2017), L’ARBRE À GROSSE VOIX (2017).


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