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Category: Edition 2020

Julka for the first time in her life feels happy. She has Olek - her one true friend and Aunt who is taking care of her while her parents are working abroad. When Aunt is falsely accused of stealing the only Monet’s painting in Poland and is arrested, Julka has to find the real thief. Normally she could count on Olek in such a situation but he seems to be even more distracted than usual, as he is trying to impress a newly met girl - Felka. Felka is the complete opposite of Julka – she is a happy 12 year old child from a loving family, a true optimist, and crazy a trouble maker. She can help with the investigation but Julka is afraid she will replace her in Olek’s life. The story about jealousy and trust is intertwined with a criminal mystery. Julka must learn that you can’t believe in a friend unless you first believe in yourself and a friendship put to the test may become even stronger.

Original Title Tarapaty 2
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +6
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 83’
Production Year 2020
Nationality Poland
Directed by Marta Karwowska
Screenplay Marta Karwowska
Director of photography Jakub Burakiewicz
Editor Aleksandra Gowin
Production Design Jędrzej Kowalski, Maria Dziewanowska-Kowalska
Costume Design Agnieszka Biederman
Sound Bartłomiej Bogacki
Music Jerzy Rogiewicz
Main cast Pola Król
Jakub Janota-Bzowski
Mia Goti
Joanna Szczepkowska
Marta Malikowska
Sandra Korzeniak
Produced by Agnieszka Dziedzic
Production Koi Studio (Poland)

Marta Karwowska photoMarta Karwowska
Marta was born in 1979 in Warsaw. Director, screenwriter and sociologist, she graduated from the Directing Department of the Łódź Film School and the Institute of Sociology of the University of Warsaw. During her studies, she made over a dozen short student films, both fictional and documentary, based on her own scripts, including the festival acclaimed OWL. She has directed children’s plays, videos for social campaigns (for the Ministry of Regional Development and the Forum of Polish Non-Governmental Organizations’ Initiatives), and a children’s film GLUŚFILMOWIEC (GLUŚ, THE FILMMAKER) based on a story by Maciej Wojtyszko. She was a second unit director and assistant for Jan Jakub Kolski while he was making VENICE. She was a casting director of Grzegorz Jaroszuk’s feature debut KEBAB & HOROSCOPE. Moreover, she received a scholarship from the Minister of Culture (Young Poland 2014). Her directorial debut DOUBLE TROUBLE attracted more than 320 000 viewers to the Polish cinemas and was screened at film festivals all around the world. TRIPLE TROUBLE is her second feature fiction film.

Director’s statement
“Children are a wonderful audience. A lot of people think that children are the most demanding and difficult audience that exists. This is not true. Children are the sweetest, the most grateful and the most loyal audience. Why? Because they love stories. They absorb every story where there is a character who is in trouble, a goal, enemies, and friends. They love the protagonists and they love the antagonists. They crack out with laughter with even weak jokes. They call out to the screen "Don't go in there!" and "Watch out, behind you!", they hold their breath when tension grows and hide their heads under the armpit of their parents when the heroes are in danger. And it doesn't matter to them, whether it's a cartoon, a long animated film or an actor's film - when entering a cinema hall or firing up a laptop they count on a journey to another world, for the magical 2 hours and take everything as a good coin.
Double Trouble was to be a closed whole. I wrote the script with such an intention and entered the set. But after the film was finished I had a feeling that Julka, the main character, still had things to do. That's why the Triple Trouble was created.
For a second time, I came across a great team - people who are not only ultra-capable, but also care about the film as much as I do. I love working with people, feeling that we're like a good team and shooting the same goal. Then the most beautiful things can happen”.


international distribution
Beta Film (Germany)

festival contact
Renate Zylla (Germany)
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