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Category: Edition 2020

When a girl, who needs some company and more attention, dreams of having a pet, she tries to have her parents' attention to make her dream come true. But at one point, she will find a solution to her problem herself.

Original Title A Pet
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +3
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 7' 42"
Production Year 2020
Nationality Bulgaria
Directed by Vera Doneva


Headshot c7d7e37d56 headshotVera Doneva

Vera was born in 1956 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She graduated at the Photography college. From 1973 to 1993 she worked as a director of photography at the Animated Films’ Studio “Sofia”. She has directed more than 85 animated films, many of which awarded with prestigious international awards. She has worked with most of the best-known Bulgarian animation directors, such as Donyo Donev, Anri Kulev, Zdenka Doicheva, Slav Bakalov, Ivan Vesselinov, Christo Topuzanov, Nikolay Todorov, etc.  Since 1994 she has been working with the Nagual production company as an editor, supervisor, assistant-director and director of photography on a number of cooproductions, with studios such as Dengue Animation Studio, Ankara, Turkey, Anmus Entertainment London or Nickeloden New York. From 1997to 2002 she was one of the organizers of the annual Animation seminar in Lessidren, Bulgaria.