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Category: Edition 2020

The yellow submarine dives through the ocean, meeting different creatures who greet the submarine and the little girl in it. But is the submarine really diving in an ocean?

Original Title Kuc Kuc
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +3
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 3' 45''
Production Year 2019
Nationality Croatia
Directed by Ivana Guljašević Kuman
Screenplay Bruno Kuman
Animation Ivana Guljašević Kuman, Bruno Kuman
Sound Ana Kuman, Bruno Kuman, Ivana Guljašević Kuman
Music Igubuka
Produced by Bruno Kuman


knock knock reg 1Ivana Guljašević Kuman

Ivana was born in 1970. Illustrator and animator, she is the author of the award-winning animated film LIKE A MIRACLE and the 100-episode serial DANICA, made for Croatian Television. She is also a director and character designer of a series of educational and advertising films (mainly produced by Školska knjiga) and works as an illustrator and writer. In 2007 she founded Igubuka, a publishing and audiovisual business, with Bruno Kuman. They are a young duo that demonstrated expertise and competence in the field of animated film for children, and whose films have been shown on a large number of animated film festivals around the world.