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Category: Edition 2020

Pic Whitman is an eight year old boy with Native American features. It is a rainy and dark night, Pic is alone in the house with his mother and with the lady he has just discovered is his grandmother: a very old lady motionless in an armchair. It seems to Pic that the name “sofa cover” suits her more than “Granny”. But Pic's grandfather is also in the house, too bad he is resting inside a cinerary urn next to his photo which shows him in all his Native American beauty. “He was a real grandfather, not as the ‘sofa cover’ there." Think Pic out loud. Suddenly the mother has to go out and Pic finds himself alone with this grandmother and his fear of the dark. A lightning cuts the power and at the same instant the grandmother awakens from ‘hibernation’.

Original Title Là Dove la Notte
Category Out of competition
Section Special Events
Tipology Animation, Short Film, Special Event
Duration 11’
Production Year 2020
Nationality Italy
Directed by Francesco Filippini
Produced by SKY Arte, MAD Entertainment


Francesco Filippini was born in Naples in 1993. Following in his father's footsteps, he began working in the publishing industry at thirteen, designing books and signing the cover of the book In Memory of: The True Sparano's Story. He continued to work in the field of graphic design until he became passionate about animation, at sixteen he produced and directed his first animated short ORKIESTRA for which he scored a David di Donatello nomination.

At the same time he studied Graphic Design at Openart, Music Production at Jam Music School, Diction and Dubbing at Penny Lane Studio and he graduated in Film Art Direction with Seyrane Boulekbache of PUBLICIS Groupe Paris.

In 2012 he won the first prize for the creation of an animated spot for the Red Bull Spot Contest.

In 2013 he joined the MAD Entertainment animation studio in Naples, where he worked for various advertising projects and directed an animated short of the Zecchino d’oro. In 2015 he moved to New York and began collaborating with Bill Plympton's animation studio as Art Director, he will work on two feature films and a short THE LONELIEST STOPLIGHT which will earn him the gold medal of the Society of Illustrator for artistic direction. In 2016 he returned to Naples and again collaborated with MAD Entertainment where he wrote, designed and directed the animated short SYMPOSIO SUINO IN RE MINORE, nominated for the David di Donatello. He worked on GATTA CENERENTOLA which will be presented in competition at the Venice Film Festival and will win two David di Donatello, for the best production and best visual effects. At the same time Francesco continues his American and Italian collaboration as an illustrator for publishing, winning Interior Book Design at the USA Best Book Awards for Tweeting Da Vinci. He also published with Lavieri A love on the head. Together with Alessandro Rak, Marino Guarnieri and Dario Sansone, he signs the subject for Alessandro Rak's new animated film THE WALKING LIBERTY. He recently directed three short films: LÀ DOVE LA NOTTE, LA MUCCA NEL CIELO and IL CUSTODE DEL VENTO and he worked as art director for the animated series FOOD WIZARD. Francesco is also Guest Speaker at the Italian School of Comix and at The Guru Lab, Adobe.