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Category: Edition 2020

The documentary RIDE YOUR DREAM focuses on the racer Ana Carrasco, the first woman to win a world motorcycling championship. A great inspiring story of female empowerment. The 23-year-old Spaniard made history when she won the 2018 World Supersport 300 Championship in the WorldSPP300 Superbike category, competing mixed with men, and becoming the first woman to hold the title - and the first in history to win a world championship of road racing for motorcycles in over 100 years of the sport. Carrasco, who broke all records during her career, being also the first woman to establish pole position and win a singular road race, discovered her passion for two wheels when she was only three years old. Debuting in professional competition in 2011, it was only six years after she reached the top in a world of racing dominated by men, winning the WorldSPP300 championship. Competing against men in the same conditions, Carrasco has challenged adversity and has found an incredible result not only in motorcycle racing but throughout the sports world, showing that women must dare men to run the risk in every sector. The documentary will be launched for free on the Rakuten Stories channel on September 17th.

Original Title RIDE YOUR DREAM
Category Out of competition
Section Special Events
Tipology Documentary, Feature Film, Special Event
Duration 80'
Production Year 2020
Nationality Spain
Directed by Pablo Iraburu, Migueltxo Molina
Screenplay Pablo Iraburu, Migueltxo Molina
Director of photography Migueltxo Molina
Sound Álvaro García Echeverría
Main cast Ana Carrasco
Alfonso Carrasco
Mavi Gabarrón
Fernando Carrasco
María Victoria Carrasco
Biel Roda Buxeda
Guim Roda Buxeda
Produced by Itziar García Zubiri

Writer and documentary directors, they shared the direction of the documentaries THE RIDGE (2012), 7 DÍAS CON ALBERTO CORAZÓN (2015), WALLS (2015), AL OTRO LADO (TV series, 2016), RIDE YOUR DREAM (2020). Their films were screened and awarded in several international festivals.


Italian distribution
Rakuten TV