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Category: Edition 2020

During a trip with Waleed, his adolescent son, a middle-aged father, Nasser, receives news of his father’s serious illness. He turns in the direction of his rural hometown south of Riyadh. The relationship between father and son changes when they arrive in this isolated town, as the disappearance of a child under unknown conditions is overshadowed by Nasser’s efforts to communicate with his introverted son, even if it means imposing his own will on him. Waleed rebels against this guardianship and rejects it amidst the tense atmosphere of his dying grandfather in waiting.

Original Title AKHER ZIYARAH
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +16
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 76'
Production Year 2019
Nationality Saudi Arabia
Directed by Abdulmohsen Aldhabaan
Screenplay Fahad Alestaa, Abdulmohsen Aldhabaan
Director of photography Amine Messadi
Editor Fakhreddine Amri
Production Design Hasan Aldhabaan, Nada Al-Mojaddedi
Costume Design Hanouf Alaleem
Sound Moncef Taleb
Main cast Osama Alqess
Abdullah Alfahad
Fahad Alghariri
Mousaed Khaled
Ghazi Hamad
Abdullah Alhammadi
Produced by Mohammed Alhamoud

regista Abdulmohsen AldhabaanABDULMOHSEN ALDHABAAN
Abdulmohsen Aldhabaan is an independent Saudi writer-director who co-founded the Talashi Films in 2008 and directed several short films including THREE MEN AND A WOMAN (2009) and THE INCOMPLETE CHRONICLES OF A FOLK TALE (2010). He co-created and directed the critically-acclaimed TV drama series 42 DAYS. His debut LAST VISIT (2019), the first Arab film to be selected at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - East of the West Competition, won the Jury Award at Marrakech International film festival.

Director's statement
"The dream of my first feature film has not faded since I, along with my passionate cinephile friends, co-founded the film collective Talashi (meaning “fade-in, fade-out”). I was searching for an opportunity in the only country that up until recently had no cinemas. My dream was achieved, and I was given the opportunity about a year ago. I and two of my Talashi colleagues from the group that has now faded out (Fahad Alestaa, co-writer, and Mohammed Alhamoud, the producer of the film) present this experiment. Waleed, the teenage protagonist, is not me. But I know Waleed, sometimes more than I know myself. I know that he is adrift with his father, Nasser, on their trip from the city to the village, a trip that is incompatible with visiting a dying grandfather. I know that he will make fateful choices, and I know what these choices will lead to... I know that the generation embodied by Waleed is angry, grouchy, and hoping for a better life. I know it is difficult to tame and control him... I know his pains and fears, or at least, I try to know them, and I think of them often. But I don’t know and I don’t think anyone knows what he is looking for or what he wants".


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