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Brian is a lone inventor living in a remote valley in North Wales. After a particularly harsh, lonely and depressing winter, Brian decides to build a robot: Charles. Over 2 meters tall, Charles has an absurd appearance, to say the least, reminiscent of a slightly shaky old man. Charles initially struggles to get active, then one dark and stormy evening Brian returns home to find that Charles not only works, but has exceeded all his expectations. It is a form of life able to walk and talk, with the ways of a curious child, eager to know the surrounding environment and how everything works. At first Brian and Charles have fun together, the robot is the perfect antidote to Brian's loneliness. However, as their relationship evolves, things get more and more tense. Charles, as a growing child, longs for independence, is increasingly obsessed with the desire to discover the world, while Brian is reluctant to share his robot with the outside world.

Original Title Brian and Charles
Italian Title Brian e Charles
Category Out of competition
Section Premiere
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 90'
Production Year 2022
Nationality United Kingdom
Directed by Jim Archer
Screenplay David Earl, Chris Hayward
Director of photography Murren Tullet
Editor Jo Walker
Music Daniel Pemberton
Main cast David Earl, Chris Hayward, Louise Brealey, Jaime Michie, Nina Sosanya
Produced by Rupert Majendie
Production Bfi Films, Film4, Mr. Box (United Kingdom)

Jim ArcherJim Archer

Jim cut his teeth making comic sketches with friends before writing and directing his debut short INTERVENTION. Since then, he has won the "Young Director Award" at Cannes, has received 3 Vimeo 'Staff Picks' for his shorts and has garnered rave reviews for his television work. He directed the second series of the BBC sitcom, THE YOUNG OFFENDERS; and most recently he shot the new Channel 4 series, BIG BOYS.

Bfi Films, Film4, Mr. Box (United Kingdom)

International distribution
Bankside Films (United Kingdom)

Italian distribution 
Festival contact
Lucky Red (Italy)