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Category: Edition 2022

After the earthquake that hit central Italy between 2016 and 2017, causing hundreds of deaths and injuries, many countries were destroyed forcing thousands of people to leave their land. Some have bravely decided to stay by committing themselves to rebuild their communities. New projects have been created for children, as part of the Fund for the fight against juvenile educational poverty, exploiting the possibilities of the territory, with creativity and with an eye towards traditions. This documentary tells the story of some of them, such as Annamaria Di Placido, a young mother and educator, who divides herself between work and family, managing to create an equestrian educational center to meet the needs of the children in her community. Another protagonist is Sara Santarelli who, together with her uncle Davide Carosi, manages a B & B consisting of some small houses arranged in the place where their house stood. Ermanno Cellini, on the other hand, is a teacher in the primary and secondary school of Arquata del Tronto. His particular approach to teaching ensures that this is well received by children, through stories about the traditions of their places and the importance of growing up with roots firmly planted in the earth.

Original Title Terre Mutate
Category Out of competition
Section Special Events
Tipology Documentary, Feature Film, Special Event
Duration 58'
Production Year 2022
Nationality Italy
Directed by Alessandro Marinelli
Screenplay Alessandro Marinelli, Simona Messina
Director of photography Alessandro Marinelli
Editor Alessandro Marinelli, Simona Messina
Sound Simona Messina, Riccardo Cimino
With Sara Santarelli, Annamaria Di Placido, Davide Cannella, Davide Carosi, Ermanno Cellini, Romolo Trenta, Dante Valentini, Paolo Santini, Oliver Zoffoli
Produced by Fabrizio Minnella
In collaboration with Visioni Lab nell’ambito del FONDO PER IL CONTRASTO DELLA POVERTÀ EDUCATIVA MINORILE
Production Con I Bambini e If-Imparare Fare

Alessandro Marinelli

Director and editor, he graduated in Editing at the NUCT (New University of Cinema in Rome) and later in Cinema at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (RUFA). Since 2003 he has been working as a director and editor making short films, documentaries, feature films and music videos. Since 2010 he has devoted himself mainly to the documentary genre which responds to his great interest in reality. In 2014 he wrote and directed the documentary PINO MASCIARI - STORIA DI UN IMPRENDITORE CALABRESE, which obtained several awards including the 2014 Ilaria Alpi Doc Rai Award as best documentary. The documentary BASILEUS LA SCUOLA DEI RE, was appreciated by audiences and critics. The film was selected in the Giffoni Film Festival 2016 (GexDoc section) and in the Doxa Documentary film festival in Canada (in a section dedicated to the best Italian documentaries of the season). The film also won the Best Documentary Award at the Civita Cinema Festival and the Best Feature Film Award at the MonFilmFest 2019. In 2020 Alessandro wrote and directed QUARANTINE MOOD, which obtained several awards - including the audience award at the Corona Short Film Festival, the award for best short film at the Urban Visions Confined Film Festival - and was selected for the ShortShort Film Festival & Asia in Japan.

Director’s statement

"The idea of ​​this film was born to tell the great educational program promoted by Fondazione Con i Bambini and carried out by the communities of the central Apennines with the aim of giving hope and a future to children, families and communities. When I arrived in those areas, I found that the reconstruction had not yet started and I imagined I would find only angry, wounded and tired people. From their stories emerged the dignity and strength of a community in love with its land, its traditions and roots. They hope to remain in their own territory by launching initiatives aimed at improving their condition and that of others, especially children who have suffered. most of all the isolation. Their dignity and strength, together with attachment to the territory and hope for the future, are the aspects that struck me most and that I have tried to tell in this documentary."

Con I Bambini e If-Imparare Fare

In collaboration with
Visioni Lab
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