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Category: Edition 2022

Edith is only 16 when soldiers raid her home in Kassa in Hungary one night. The military begins to scream. They grab her father by his hair and one of them hisses in his ear: "Look at your house for the last time! It's time to take a little trip! ». That night a nightmare begins for Edith and her family, the same one that will lead to the extermination of hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews inside the Auschwitz concentration camp. Separated from her parents upon her arrival, Edith and her sister Magda manage to survive the horrors of the Nazi extermination camp. The narrative unravels the red thread of a story made of pain and despair, of determination and resilience. Edith's is a story of hope and courage capable of showing us how in every moment of our existence it is up to us to choose how to face the hardest challenges than fate puts before us.

Original Title Edith
Italian Title Edith – Una Ballerina all’Inferno
Category Out of competition
Section Special Events
Tipology Feature Film, Special Event
Duration 60'
Production Year 2022
Nationality Italy
Directed by Marco Zuin
Screenplay Emanuele Turelli
Director of photography Lorenzo Pezzano
Editor Marco Zuin
Production Design Giulia Scalvini
Costume Design Stefania Baldassarre
Sound Enrico Lenarduzzi
Make up Francesca Mamone
Music Daniele Gozzetti
choreography Santa Borriello, Arianna Guido Rizzo
Narrator Marco Cortesi, Mara Moschini
Main cast Romeo Tofani, Viola Turelli, Corpo di Ballo del Liceo Coreutico “Tito Livio” Milano
Produced by Riccardo Viviani
Production Violet Moon (Italy)

Marco Zuin

Marco Zuin is a director and screenwriter. He dedicated himself to the production of short films and social documentaries for NGOs, Foundations and Onlus. DAILY LYDIA (2014), LA SEDIA DI CARTONE (2015), NIENTE STA SCRITTO (2017), HOA (2018), BADILISHA (2020), PASSI VERSO L'ALTROVE (2020), were selected in numerous festivals in Italy and in world, earning recognition and prizes. He curated the collective work LE STORIE CHE SAREMO (2020) in which seven authors question this fragile present through the strength of family films. He made, with actor and poet Vasco Mirandola, the ZUGGERIMENTI POETICI (2011-2017), microfilm to visualize the poem, and he created, with writer Matteo Righetto, the web series THE YEAR OF SEVEN WINTERS (2021) on the relationship between man and environment during the pandemic. He has the documentary INVISIBLES in production. At the basis of his approach to the audiovisual is the idea that of ​​social, understood as attention to the sense of community.

Director's statement

“Edith is a one-of-a-kind film project. The young Hungarian dancer was in fact only 16 years old when she was interned in Auschwitz together with her whole family. Her great passion is dance. On our set the story, inspired by real events, is entrusted to a dance troupe of very young dancers from the prestigious Liceo Coreutico "Tito Livio" in Milan. At their side is a team of professionals with proven experience in the cinema-television sector: all to give shape to a combination of great expressive power capable of giving this feature a profound evocative power and the ability to shake consciences."

Festival contact
Violet Moon (Italy)
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