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Category: Edition 2022

The animated series tells the adventures of a group of 5 children who attend the same school, play sports and have fun with their peers. Each of the children has a superhero power. The union of their powers is the strength of the "D.i.5"! The SuperFriends, together, are able to face any problem and help children in difficulty. Each of the "D.I.5" is identified with a color and has a chain around the neck, from which hangs a piece of a puzzle. Whenever the piece lights up, detecting the problem of a peer, it's time for the 5 to take action! They gather in the gardens in front of the school, put the puzzle back together and ... hey! The 5 colors blend in a blinding glow and the children are transformed into superheroes: unity is strength!

Original Title Dammi il 5
Category Out of competition
Section Special Events
Tipology Animation, TV Series, Special Event
Duration 6’ 54"
Production Year 2022
Nationality Italy
Directed by Francesco Colombo
Screenplay Maria Teresa Carpino, Antonio Lauro
Based on an idea by Maria Teresa Carpino
Storyboard Wellington Giardina
Animation Fenix Studio Srl
Lead character designer Francesco Colombo
Sound Fono Roma Film Recording, Marco Ciarda
Music Andrea Bellucci, Paolo Annunziata, Paolo Vivaldi, Alessandro Sartini
Original Voices Alessandro Damiani, Veronica Lo Forte, Beatrice Frontali, Damiano Fiorini, Rita Faraoni, Alessandra Chianese, Fabiana Bruno, Daniele Simeone
Produced by Mati Group e Associazione Pancrazio

IMG 20220706 WA0001Francesco Colombo

Francesco Colombo was born in the province of Salerno. He moved to Rome where he graduated in animation from the International School of Comics. He immediately began working in some important productions such as the film OPOPOMOZ by Enzo D ’Alò and the TV series CLICK AND KAT, I SAURINI, I CUCCIOLI, covering various roles such as character designer, animator and storyboard artist. Then he directed the series conceived by Maria Teresa Carpino: CAPITAN KUK, PAM UP, Di5. He also directed two music video of the Zecchino d’Oro (a famous Italian children choir) YES I REALLY LIKE! and THE IDEAL HOLIDAY. He collaborated in the creation of the characters of the LAMPADINO E CARAMELLA series and created and directed the GO AROUND ITALY series.

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