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Rainbow’s animated series introducing children to nature and environmental sustainability with lighthearted and aspirational stories.
There's always a lot to do at Sunshine Farms! Summer and Todd know it well. Summer and Todd, the protagonists of the hilarious adventures of the farm, are always ready to try their hand at new activities. Summer is a lovely bunny coming from the city and bringing a burst of enthusiasm. She is curious and loves taking care of everything and everyone. Todd the raccoon is the owner of the farm and a skilled inventor - he always builds something useful and original to save the day! Together with Betty the sheep, Pico the bear and many other animal friends, Summer and Todd take care of all the farm activities from production all the way to sales the market. They are an unbeatable team united by friendship, altruism, and commitment, overcoming unexpected problems thanks to team spirit and optimism and always ending the day on a happy note and with a special dance!

Original Title Summer & Todd – L’allegra fattoria
Category Out of competition
Section Special Events
Tipology Animation, TV Series, Special Event
Duration 52x7'
Production Year 2021
Nationality Italy
Directed by Iginio Straffi
Screenplay Marco Greganti, Rich Magallanes, Sean Molyneaux, Giorgio Salati, Fausto Vitaliano
Editor Beatrice Latini, Saverio Romagnoli
Production Design Giorgio Foschi, Tommaso Gomez, Marco Tomassetti
Music Btoven Music (Brian McKenna, Dominic Fallacaro, Denzil Remedios)
Produced by Joanne Lee, Iginio Straffi
Production Rainbow SpA (Italy)

IginioStraffi 5 1Iginio Straffi

Founder and President of Rainbow Group Iginio Straffi is the visionary behind girls’ classic brand “Winx Club”, a global licensing phenomenon flourishing since 2004. Iginio’s ground-breaking leadership has powered Rainbow since its establishment in 1995, making it a nonstop growing player in the entertainment industry through excellence collaborations and company acquisitions, such as Canadian award-winning studio Bardel and Italian Colorado Film. With a grasp of kids and adults’ universal feelings, Iginio has been awarded with countless prizes over the years, creating content primarily for children, then expanding to serial and theatrical live action for all age targets. His all-round commitment to childhood inspires him to create new content and engage in educational projects such as his Liberi Reggiomonte international school and global-reaching charity initiatives.

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