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Category: Edition 2022

A little Senegal's galago must learn to hunt, but the fear of falling from trees stops him. The mother tries to spur him by enticing him, but the fear of not being able to move on trees and fall is stronger than him.

Original Title Il Piccolo Galago
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +3
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 3'
Production Year 2021
Nationality Italy
Directed by Anita Verona, Francesco Catarinolo
Screenplay Anita Verona, Riccardo Pezzuolo
Produced by Rossella Mercurio (Anica Servizi), Cecilia Quattrini (RAI), Francesco Catarinolo (Studio Pandora)

AnitaVerona FrancescoCatarinoloAnita Verona

Graduated from the Luchino Visconti Film School, she won the RAI contest "Animiamoci" in 2021, as an author, and she was selected as director by Cartoon Springboard (a pitch­ing event total­ly ded­i­cat­ed to young tal­ents in animation) in 2019, Milan pitch 2020 (a day dedicated to listening to unpublished projects by young authors who meet producers and publishers). She works for Rainbow animation studio, as character animator and she worked for multiple clients and brands as graphic designer and art director.

Francesco Catarinolo

Francesco Catarinolo is a director with a long experience in the audiovisual sector, in various fields that have allowed him to practice different languages and to refine his talents as a narrator over time.
After graduating from DAMS (Disciplines of Arts, Music and Entertainment), his work experience begins in an advertising agency, where he plays the role of copywriter, but his passion is cinema and the world of comics. Advertising does not fully realize it and so Francesco moves on to fiction and the production of narrative content. He is more at ease there, he works as a cameraman, editor and director. There are several companies and television stations with which he collaborates, such as Sky.

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Anita Verona
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