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When 9-year-old Babs receives a pig named Oink as a present from her grandfather, she convinces her parents to keep it under the condition that Oink follow a puppy training. But her parents are not the biggest threat to Oink because actually Bab’s grandfather is secretly taking part in the sausage competition organized by The Society for Meat Products from Fresh Pigs…

Original Title Knor
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +6
Tipology Animation, Feature Film
Duration 72'
Production Year 2022
Nationality Belgium, Netherlands
Directed by Mascha Halberstad
Screenplay Fiona van Heemstra
by Tosca Menten
Based on Oink’s Revenge
Director of photography Peter Mansfelt
Editor Mascha Halberstad
Sound Jan Schermer
Music Rutger Reinders
Original Voices Kees Prins, Hiba Ghafry, Jelka van Houten, Henry van Loon, Matsen Montsma, Loes Luca, Johnny Kraaijkamp, Alex Klaasen, Remko Vrijdag
Produced by Marleen Slot
Production Viking Film (The Netherlands)

Portrait Director MaschaHalberstadMascha Halberstad

Director Mascha Halberstad (1973) attended the ArtEZ Art Academy in Arnhem. She made animations for several feature films, including TAKING CHANCES (Berlinale Generation 2012) and HOW TO SURVIVE. In 2012 she directed the short animation film GOODBYE MISTER DE VRIES. Also in 2012 she made the 13-episode animation series PICKNICK WITH PIE adapted from Thé Tjong-Khing’s books, which was broadcast by the VPRO and awarded the Cinekid Kinderkast Fiction - Jury prize 2013. Her film MUNYA IN ME won the Grand Jury Prize of the BANFF World Media Festival. In 2015, the Prodigy’s Liam Howlett asked her to make a music video for the song WILD FRONTIER. After that she directed several short films, the series FOX & HARE and the hilarious THE GREAT HUMMIMUMMI CHRISTMAS SPECIAL.
Together with producer Marleen Slot she built Holy Motion, a 600m2 animation studio where they animated the stop motion film OINK and where many more stop-motion films will be produced in the future.

Director’s statement

"In the films I make, I always try to find a combination of humor and drama. OINK is ideal because it contains all the necessary elements. I made OINK on the basis of a live-action interpretation, giving the puppets true emotions and narrating the story in a way which makes you forget you are watching an animation."


Viking Film (The Netherlands)

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LevelK (Denmark)