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Like many five year olds, Little Charlie goes to a kindergarten and plays with his friends in the neighborhood. Little Charlie lives in safe and secure surroundings and the exciting events of his life correspond to “dramas” as experienced by small children. For example, Little Charlie is afraid of the dog Bello, whom he must pass on the way to his kindergarten. But Little Charlie’s parents help him to be self-reliant (and with only a bit of support), to investigate and understand his small child’s surroundings. Little Charlie is encouraged to be independent. 

Original Title Karlchen - Das große Geburtstagsabenteuer
Category Out of competition
Section Elements +3
Tipology Animation, Feature Film
Duration 75'
Production Year 2021
Nationality Germany, Netherlands, Sweden
Directed by Michael Ekbladh
Screenplay Susanne Rotraut Berner, Aje Brücken
Animation Dejan Rakas, Bob Wolkers
Sound Sebastian Schmidt
Music Annette Focks
Visual Effects Carsten Blume
Original Voices Jonathan Bailey, Jennifer Saunders, Adrian Edmondson, Harry Capper Wright
Produced by Simon Crowe, Alexandra Schatz
Production Alexandra Schatz Filmproduktion (Germany)

Michael EkbladMichael Ekblad

Michael Ekblad was born in Sweden 1960. Educated at Sheridan College of Applied arts, Toronto. Working in the field of animation since 1985 as animator, director, producer.  Co-owner of SluggerFilm AB. Director of several short films, TV- series and features. Among them: MOLLY MONSTER THE MOVIE, MOLLY MONSTER TV-series, TED SIEGERS WILDLIFE, KARLSSON ON THE ROOF, THE FOURTH KING.

Alexandra Schatz Filmproduktion (Germany)

International distribution
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SC Films International (UK)