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An older brother’s life is tough, especially when dealing with a troublemaker as a sister! In the middle of the night, Peter, a young space nerd, discovers that Anne, his little sister all spice and fantasy, has disappeared. Immediately looking for him, he is magically catapulted to Starry Field, where the Sleep Man and Ronzolino, an incredible talking beetle, convince him that Anne is being held captive on the Moon by the evil Moon Man. To save his sister from the clutches of this lunar monster, he will need the help of a “dream team” (so to speak!), made up of the Man of sleep, a tender old man suffering from sudden narcolepsy, and Ronzolino, who pretends to be dead at first danger. Peter thus finds himself in a fantastic space adventure to free Anne and thwart the evil plan for the conquest of the Universe by the Moon Man. 

Original Title Peterchens Mondfahrt
Italian Title Peter va sulla luna
Category Out of competition
Section Elements +3
Tipology Animation, Feature Film
Duration 85'
Production Year 2021
Nationality Austria, Germany
Directed by Ali Samadi Ahadi
Screenplay Arne Nolting, Ali Samadi Ahadi
Editor Andrea Mertens, Niclas Werres
Supervising animator Timo Berg
Sound Sebastian Watzinger
Music Ali N. Askin
Original Voices Jacob Banigan, Stephan Benson, David Daria, Gerti Drassl, Lilian Gartner, Stefko Hanushevsky, Elisabeth Kanettis
Produced by Frank Geiger, Ali Samadi Ahadi, Mohammad Farokhmanesh, Armin Hofmann, Bruno Wagner, Antonin Svoboda
Production Brave New Work Film Productions (Germany/Germania)

Ali Samadi2020Ali Samadi Ahadi

Ali Samadi Ahadi was born in 1972 in Tabriz, Iran. After he graduated from high-school in Kassel, Germany, he studied visual communications at the University of Hannover, Germany with a post-grad in Social Sciences and Design for Electronic Media. Today, he is a renown and successful director of family features and comedies. His critically acclaimed titles include the culture-clash comedy SALAMI ALEIKUM, the turbulent middle- eastern comedy 45 MINUTES TO RAMALLAH in cooperation with ARD Degeto, the spy-comedy DIE MAMBA, as well as the children’s book adaptation PETTSON AND FINDUS - A LITTLE NUISANCE, A GREAT FRIENDSHIP (screened in Giffoni 2014). For his work on the sequel of the PETTERSON & FINDUS brand, he won the German director’s prize Metropolis in 2017. Besides his work on feature films, Ali Samadi Ahadi has been a successful director of documentaries such as the THE GREEN WAVE (Grimme Prize 2011), which was part of the official selection of the Sundance Film Festival and German Film Prize (2004) winning documentary LOST CHILDREN. It took Ali Samadi Ahadi several years to develop the script for MOONBOUND, which is based on the German children’s book classic Peterchens Mondfahrt and shall mark his debut as a writer and a director of an animated feature film.

Brave New Work Film Productions (Germany)

International distribution
Sola Media GmbH (Germany)

Italian distribution
Festival contact
Koch Media (Italy)