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Marine, a 21-year-old student, discovers she has multiple sclerosis, an incurable autoimmune disease. The shock of the announcement, the urgency of the situation and the need to make a decision about the treatment to follow, push her to find a solution within herself. She decides to leave for a long initiatory journey in 3 countries: New Zealand to rediscover her body, Burma to soothe her mind and Mongolia to reconnect with her soul. Through unforgettable experiences, Marine goes to meet herself and find a new balance with this sclerosis that she nicknames Rosy.

Original Title Rosy
Category Official Competition
Section GEx Doc
Tipology Documentary, Feature Film
Duration 86'
Production Year 2021
Nationality France
Directed by Marine Barnérias
Screenplay Marine Barnérias, Anne-Sophie Bion
Director of photography Marine Barnérias, Ronan De Suin, Timothée Hilst, Guillaume Bountidi
Editor Anne-Sophie Bion
Sound Sélim Azzazi, François-Joseph Hors
Music Matthieu Chedid
Produced by Harry Tordjman, Anna Tordjman
Production My Box Films (France)

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Marine Barnérias is the show host of Magazine Littoral on France 3 Bretagne. Follower of board sports, she likes to meet and promote men and women connected to the maritime elements. In 2016, she learned that she had multiple sclerosis and decided to undertake an initiatory journey through New Zealand, Burma and Mongolia, to go to the encounter with herself. Back home, she wrote Seper Hero, published by Flammarion which retraces his solo adventure, and directed his first documentary, ROSY, produced by My Box Films and distributed by Gaumont, released in theaters in January 2022. Today Marine has also launched its own production company, Mooji Smile, which aims to produce films and events to encourage action.

Director's statement

“I had never considered in my head or my heart, to make a film... I have always been a cinema spectator and I have always loved letting myself be carried away by the stories of others... That's what adventure means: it's emotion above all... And me, from the top of my little meter 50, I launched into this adventure, more physical than cinematographic. When I got home, I realized that all these encounters were in fact pushing me towards the path of directing... But honestly, at the beginning, nothing destined me to end up with this film on the screens, quite the contrary.
When you don't plan anything, everything seems simple! I had no concrete objective when I left, no goal to achieve. So I let myself be carried away by the sensations, the moments lived, the encounters. To tell you the truth, I just changed my phone before leaving to be able to take photos and that's where I bought my first iPhone, in 2016! Above all, I saw it as a tool to communicate with myself, something that allowed me to reconnect with what I knew. I was far away, alone, there was a lot of fear and anxiety in my heart and I told myself that I had a way to stay in touch. That said, I never immediately thought of using these images to do something else with them. My plans were unclear, my phone was upside down all the time! In fact, it was the elements around me that made the quality of my images, not me. In the end, when I put all this together and the idea of ​​making a film out of it, I said to myself that it would be impossible. The desire to leave with a real camera even crossed my mind to make real beautiful shots, but with my producers, we decided to do something sincere, from what we had.”

My Box Films (France)

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