GIFFONI50PLUS - 21.31 JULY 2021



Category: Edition 2021

Galin is a grumpy gorilla that lives in a forest. He doesn’t have any friends, until one day a banana smiles at him and everything changes.

Original Title Mozi Ke Mikhandid
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +3
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 8' 18"
Production Year 2020
Nationality Iran
Directed by Reyhane Kavosh, Ali Raeis
Screenplay Hamze Alirezaei
Produced by Ali Raeis

Headshot 6f1270bc44 headshotReyhane Kavosh

Reyhane Kavosh was born in 1984. She studied Graphic Design at the Conservatory of Fine Arts and continued her studies in the field of “Digital arts” at the School of Radio and Television. She has directed several works among which the tv series ONE THOUSAND & ONE TALES. Since 2010 more than 80 episodes of the series have been produced and co-directed by Ali Raeis. Reyhane also directed WOODEN FLOWERS, CROW’S NEST, PERSIAN CATS, MORNING, THE SUN and I’M A PENGUIN.

Ali Raeis

Ali Raeis was born in 1983 in Isfahan. He directed his first film, BALANCE, at age 17. He studied TV production at the University of Radio and Television and received his master’s degree in “Dramatic literature”. His interest in the world of animation led him to the production of his first animation WOODEN FLOWERS.
Since 2010 he has been working with Reyhane Kavosh on more than 80 episodes of the animated series ONE THOUSAND & ONE TALES. He is currently working as a producer for IRAN national TV. Also, he founded and managed his own Art and Cultural Institute “Solh & Salam”.

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Ali Raeis
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