GIFFONI50PLUS - 21.31 JULY 2021



Category: Edition 2021

Friendship, trials, victories and loss - the young players at the world's biggest soccer tournament for kids, Norway Cup, have a lot of challenges outside the football pitch. Afnan from Palestine, Khalidi from Tanzania/USA, Yu from China, Fred from Brazil and Anna from Norway have all trained hard the last year to prepare for the cup. Their goal is to win, but they cannot all bring the trophy home.

Original Title Bortebane
Category Official Competition
Section GEx Doc
Tipology Documentary, Feature Film
Duration 101'
Production Year 2021
Nationality Denmark, Finland, Norway
Directed by Line Hatland
Screenplay Line Hatland
Director of photography Tore Vollan
Editor Matti Näränen, Katja Pällijeff, Mari Monrad Vistven
Sound Rasmus Winther Larsen
Music Kate Havnevik
Produced by Ingvil Giske, Mari Monrad Vistven
Production Medieoperatørene (Norway)

Line HatlandLine Hatland

Line Hatland has worked as a director of documentaries, a writer and a developer since 2000. She has directed creative documentary films, video art and tv-documentaries. She has a human touch and a vivid sense of humour. She holds a BA from the University of Oslo, a year specialising in documentary films at Volda College and a Master in Visual Anthropology from University of Manchester. KIDS CUP is her first feature length documentary.

Director’s statement
“The idea started when my 12year old daughter was participating in the Norway Cup. For the first time she was to play against a team from abroad. I feared she would lose. The other team was very energetic and with a strong will to win. Unfortunately, they had not practiced so much. They got very upset when they lost. The girls came from an orphanage in the Gaza strip and it was the first time they were abroad. They had lost every match. I started looking around, wondering where the other kids were from? What did they hope would happen? The unique thing about the tournament is that the competition is open for everyone. Kids from Gaza play next to upper class boys from London. The Norway Cup is reminiscent of a peace conference at the UN building. Nations unite in the hot dog queue; after the matches; and before bedtime.”

festival contact
Medieoperatørene (Norway) 

Festival contact
Norwegian Film Institute (Norway)