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Category: Edition 2021

Charity and her sister, Happy, who are 25 and 16 years old respectively, live in the slums of Lagos. Both girls dream of a better future, more specifically, owning their own car dealership.Disenchanted with the dreary life of the slums, the pair take the bold step of moving to Europe, in search of fortune and that better life than the one they’ve always known. Naturally, being in a new and strange land is a struggle, and comes with a unique set of challenges and adversity. But Charity and Happy have strength and determination, and along the way they will meet other women ready to help them. 

Original Title 10 Songs for Charity
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +18
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 114'
Production Year 2021
Nationality Belgium, Netherlands
Directed by Karin Junger
Screenplay Karin Junger, Brigit Hillenius
Director of photography Danny Elsen
Costume Design Catherine Van Bree
Sound Tom Bijnen
Make up Lili Dang-Vu
Main cast Ijeoma Grace Agu
Omoteniola Famodimu
Morganna Love Aleizah
Shirma Rouse
La Baby Jacqueline Morales
Produced by Annemiek van Gorp, René Goossens
Production De Productie (Netherlands)

Karin Junger

Karin Junger

Karin grew up in Belgium and lives presently in The Netherlands. She attended secondary school in Brussels, studied French language & literature & mass communication at the University of Amsterdam, specializing in film science. She followed the training for directing drama at the Maurits Binger Film Institute in Amsterdam and several workshops, like the Sources script workshop.
She makes fiction and documentaries. Her first documentary won the prestigious Joris Ivens Award. His short film VET! (Great!) won a Silver Bear at the Berlinale and a Gouden Kalf at the Dutch Film Festival. In 2006 she made the film BOLLETJES BLUES, the first urban musical feature in The Netherlands. Her work has been shown at many major international film festivals like IFFR, Tribeca, Margaret Mead Film Festival New York, Cinéma du Réel, Berlinale, Chicago, etc.

Director’s statement
“I wanted to make a realistic movie about the many African women who come to Europe in search of a better life but end up working as prostitutes. Yet I also wanted to capture their energy, their musicality and resilience. So I decided to make a raw modern musical where their story would be enriched by contemporary dance, song and music. Music, which belongs to them and encompasses their history: afrobeat, soul, R & B, gospel, bachata. I want the film to be like a punch in the face, but with hope.”


De Productie (Netherlands)

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