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Category: Edition 2021

Sihja is a young, charming and a little outrageous fairy, who leaves her forest home. In the city, she meets a sensitive new friend Alfred (11). Sihja loves the newly found organized urban shapes and orderly habits that humans have. Sihja and Alfred bond quickly and have a lot of fun, even if when Sihja reveals her uncontrolled fairy powers, people begin to be wary of her. One day dead birds begin to appear on the city streets. The smelly fertilizer factory could be the culprit, Alfred and Sihja must investigate. During their investigation, Sihja learns to use her super power, while Alfred finds confidence to stand up for himself.

Original Title Sihja - Kapinaa Ilmassa
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +6
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 89'
Production Year 2021
Nationality Finland, Netherlands, Norway
Directed by Marja Pyykkö
Screenplay Kirsikka Saari, Jenni Toivoniemi
Director of photography Remko Schnorr
Editor Jon Endre Mørk
Production Design Philippe Bertin
Costume Design Emmi Leeve
Sound Hugo Ekornes
Make up Pia Mikkonen
Music Jan Inge Berentsen Anvik
Main cast Elina Patrakka
Justus Hentula
Elena Leeve
Elmer Bäck
Eero Ritala
Pirjo Lonka
Paola Bärlund
Produced by Venla Hellstedt, Elli Toivoniemi
Production Tuffi Films (Finland)

MarjaPyykko 8077

Marja Pyykkö

Marja was born in 1975. She graduated as a film director from the Finnish film school. She is an experienced director of popular TV series and films including the award-winning series HOOKED and BLACK WIDOWS that have also been distributed internationally. She has received the Finnish TV award Venla for both series. In 2010 she directed her first feature film RUN SISTER, RUN! (2010) which received several national film award nominations. Her third feature, the comedy MAN AND A BABY was released in October 2017, was a big success and received the Best Nordic Feature Award at the New York Nordic Film Festival. Her latest work includes the international co-production series PARADISE (2020). In addition, she has directed numerous commercials and short films.

Director's statement
“For some time I have been looking for a script for a children's film that would entice me. I was lucky when I found Sihja. The fact that it is not based on a book was really important to me as a Director. This way I feel that I can contribute most, while creating the world and its characters and the themes and tones of the film, starting from scratch. I am fascinated about both Alfred’s and Sihja’s characters, and their unlikely friendship. The story of this odd friendship between a human boy and fairy girl grows uniquely into themes of courage, diversity of life, and acceptance. We live in a time when it’s highly important to show kids a variety of role models. Alfred’s gentle and kind character, his curiosity towards life and his permissive attitude towards all new is disarming. And Sihja is unlike any other fairy you have ever seen before. I love her stubbornness, her clever wit, I love that she is sassy and doesn’t know when it ́s time to just shut up. Sihja is powerful but vulnerable, physically able but clumsy, confident but just wants to be loved; all characteristics that are easy to identify with. They are also great in creating humor, conflict, tension and drama. I feel that Sihja is a wonderful challenge for me. Even though it will be my fourth feature as a Director it will be my first film with children in the main roles and also my first with fantasy elements. This is something that I love, learning new and aiming high. I strive to make Sihja a feature film that combines genres in a new and exciting way. The film should be light as a feather, funny and full of sharp changes in rhythm, like the best pop tune of the moment. The film should grasp the viewer, and be real and refreshing as a jump in a great puddle of mud. Finally, it should be a big-time adventure, full of true emotions.” 

Tuffi Films (Finland) 

Festival contact
The Finnish Film Foundation (Finland) 

International distribution
Dutch Features Global Entertainment (Netherlands)