#Giffoni50Plus 22 July


There was great enthusiasm for the first-ever preview of the film Ainbo - Spirit of the Amazon, screened in the Sala Truffaut for the Elements +10.  
There were some curious and at times irreverent questions, to which Valerio Lundini, Emanuela Fanelli and Giovanni Benincasa replied “patching it up”, in line with their show (literally meaning A patch by Lundini). 
Paolo Calabresi cannot sit on the stage in the Sala Truffaut and at the #Giffoni50Plus he walks up and down, thinking carefully about the questions coming from the Giffoners in presence and also from the various hubs spread in Italy and abroad (in this case, among others, also in Macedonia and Serbia). 
Great success for The Last Chupacabra, a Disney+ short film belonging to the first season of LAUNCHPAD, which was present with a special event at #Giffoni50Plus for the children of Elements +6. 
She had a surprise in store for Giffoni: the T-shirt with which she took part in the 25th edition of the Festival, as a juror. 
An unforgettable journey, a heart-pounding adventure: the animated film Ainbo - Spirit of the Amazon takes children into the world's most incredible forest and teaches them about environmental preservation.
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