Thursday, 22 July 2021 16:34

Marcella Gargano (Mur): “Giffoni is a role model for university”

She had a surprise in store for Giffoni: the T-shirt with which she took part in the 25th edition of the Festival, as a juror. She wore it and proudly showed it as she arrived at the Cittadella del Cinema. Marcella Gargano, Director General for University Education, Inclusion and the Right to Study, couldn’t hide her excitement at coming back to Giffoni on behalf of the Minister of University and Research, Maria Cristina Messa: "Being here after 25 years - she said - fills me with joy. Giffoni has been able to evolve, to change, to be open to new experiences. I think this is the main factor that allows it to keep growing year after year".

She visited the Cittadella del Cinema and the Multimedia Valley, then met with director Claudio Gubitosi and president of the Ente Autonomo Giffoni Experience Pietro Rinaldi and, finally, she had an encounter with the young people. A lot of ideas emerged during the debate, which is part of the events scheduled for the IMPACT! section. How has the university system changed during the Covid era and how has it adapted to the needs arising from the pandemic? Director Gargano said: "We found ourselves in an unforeseen emergency, and in just a few weeks it was necessary to adapt the university system to the new needs. In my opinion, the system proved to be very resilient. Now it is time to recover and preserve the good things that have emerged in this stage and to make new plans. I rely on the willingness to establish a dialogue with the institutions. The Recovery Plan makes new resources available. We therefore need good project ideas. We must not only be observant of good practices, we must implement them, too".

The young people in the cinema asked how they could be more involved in their university life and how university could best interpret their aspirations: "Giffoni - continued Marcella Gargano - represents a model in this sense. Here young people are protagonists. The same can be done within the university system, by making their voices heard in a constructive way. The National Council of University Students is a useful instrument and an interlocutor for the Ministry, which often consults it, even when there is no obligation to do so. This is how we want to enhance the involvement of students".