Thursday, 22 July 2021 10:59

Ainbo - Spirit of the Amazon: #Giffoni50Plus teaches about environmental preservation

An unforgettable journey, a heart-pounding adventure: the animated film Ainbo - Spirit of the Amazon takes children into the world's most incredible forest and teaches them about environmental preservation. To be premiered at #Giffoni50Plus, the film will be released in Italian cinemas by BIM Distribuzione. The jurors of the festival will accompany the young protagonist Ainbo into the heart of this green lung, a true earthly paradise, to fight alongside her and save her land from a handful of ruthless men ready to devastate it for profit. She is joined by a funny armadillo (Dillo) and a burly tapir (Vaca), as well as her mother's spirit guide: thanks to her determination, this noble-spirited girl doesn't lose heart and gets ready for the most demanding and exciting challenge of her life.