Thursday, 22 July 2021 19:43

Paolo Calabresi: "Giffoni, a magical pioneering adventure"

Paolo Calabresi cannot sit on the stage in the Sala Truffaut and at the #Giffoni50Plus he walks up and down, thinking carefully about the questions coming from the Giffoners in presence and also from the various hubs spread in Italy and abroad (in this case, among others, also in Macedonia and Serbia). The actor looked carefully at the welcome video and, between one joke and another, rechristened the event as "a pioneering adventure", "a magical place, where there are people who make cinema and it is you who ask questions. Art is made by two kind of people, those who interpret it and those who benefit from it. If nobody looked at the Mona Lisa, she would have stayed in Leonardo's studio".

Inevitably, with the giffoner, the references to one of his cult roles, Biascica, which he will play again in the cult series Boris, with the fourth season coming soon on Disney+: "I was inspired by a machinist on the set of Distretto di Polizia - he confesses - who sold everything to his colleagues, including fish. I told the scriptwriters about it and that detail ended up in the series, with Duccio selling the seabreams". The funniest moment? "Pretending to be Nicolas Cage to watch the Roma match. And the greatest thing was that everyone believed it for days, including Totti".