Wednesday, 27 July 2022 17:41

Guido Brera to young giffoners: "Invest in education and expertise"

His latest work is 'Dimmi cosa vedi tu da lì': he is Guido Maria Brera, 52 years old, author and business executive. Looking at the two thousand young giffoners in red shirt from the stage of Sala Blu in Multimedia Valley, he said: "this energy is so powerful. It's really impressive."

The meeting with Impact! Section is a stream of thoughts about economy and politics, finance and welfare. It's an open, dialectic debate which triggers audience's interest and rises many questions without daring to find definitive answers. Brera is the author of 'I Diavoli', the book which inspired the homonymous TV series airing on Sky. The series counts two seasons and a third one is a work in progress too. In particular, the third season will focus on cryptocurrency.

Within the work, a trenchant statement is made: finance is just like water. Brera dwelt on the topic: "Nowadays finance is the pivot to global dynamics. It's across-the-board. And just like water, it can be controlled and funnelled to a more Eco-friendly and people-oriented dimension." According to him "financial literacy should be provided in schools, just like civic education. An intensive course based on reliable sources. We have to remain wary of internet dangers. Internet content can be harmful." The contribution of politics is fundamental: "It's essential to firmly assert the centrality of Welfare State - he said - according to some scholars it's just a crazy chapter of history, but to me it's a bulwark to preserve and enhance."