Tuesday, 26 July 2022 10:00

A historical page for Giffoni: here is the stamp dedicated to the Festival

It’s an historic day for Giffoni: today the ceremony for the emission of the definitive Stamp belonging to the thematic series “Il Patrimonio artistico e culturale italiano” (The Italian artistic and cultural heritage), dedicated to Giffoni52. In the European Year of Youth, the Minister for Post and Telecommunications, Poste Italiane and the Polygraphic Institute and State Mint, have identified Giffoni as an emblem of an idea born for young people that, in 52 years of history, has been able to dialogue with the new generations through the language of cinema, art and culture. The ceremony was attended by the Minister for Economic Development, Post and Telecommunications, Giancarlo Giorgetti, the President of the Polygraphic Institute and State Mint, Antonio Palma, the manager and founder of Giffoni, Claudio Gubitosi, the manager in charge for the area Centre – South of Poste Italiane, Roberta Serrantonio, the general manager of Giffoni, Jacopo Gubitosi, the President of the Autonomus Entity Giffoni Experience, Pietro Rinaldi, the mayor of Giffoni Valle Piana, Antonio Giuliano. Also present was Federica D’Ambrosio, young artist from Salerno who created the stamp.

In Cittadella del Cinema square there is a gigantography of the postage stamp. It was Giorgetti minister himself to remove the Italian flag which concealed it revealing the stamp’s graphic. A background of Italian flags accompanied the celebration. Then, it was time to sign, so that this moment could formally enter the long and prestigious history of Giffoni. Giffoni director Claudio Gubitosi, proud and excited, said: “Our idea to celebrate the European Year of Youth at Giffoni by issuing a stamp finally became real, and I want to thank Giorgetti minister for being here today. The stamp is called “standard forever stamp” but it’s not standard. This project is not ordinary: it could be the first step to make Unesco recognize Giffoni as part of Intangible Cultural Heritage”. “Giffoni – Giorgetti minister said – started as something crazy, just like many other Italian start-up ideas, but it grew into a unique project. I was precisely here when I made a provocative suggestion last year: to dedicate at least the 25% of the national film programming to entirely made in Italy contents. It was a way to protect Italian audiovisual industry. I came back this year to issue this stamp that can go from hand to hand or be collected, and preserved through memory. It is really wonderful. Conveying the idea of Giffoni through a simple stamp design was no easy task, but it turned out beautifully”.