Monday, 25 July 2022 15:46

Richard Madden at #Giffoni2022: “It’s an honour to be here”

Richard Madden’s eyes shine with emotion: in the Sala Impact he meets for the first time the young jurors of the Giffoni Film Festival and, after watching the video story of the history of the event, he comments in Italian with a “grazie mille”. The Scottish 36-year-old actor, made famous by the role of Robb Stark in Games of Thrones, immediately commented his presence at the Festival: “It is a great honour and pleasure to be here with you at Giffoni”. On the wave of memories, he retraced his debut: “I remember when I was young as you are: when I was 10-11 years old, I started to enter the show business but, unlike you, I have never had the opportunity to confront myself with my peers and share ideas and dreams”. When a giffoner showed him a denim vest with the emblem of the iconic serie, the actor not only was amused but decided to spend some time with him and the other jurors after the meeting, to ask them if they are intended to pursue a career in cinema and how they are living these days of the festival. An advice to those who want to follow his footsteps? “I like to be prepared but sometimes I tend to exaggerate. It’s not appropriate to overdo it because you take off a part of the mystery of the work. I still remember when I was on the set of Games of Thrones: before the shoot, I read the book on which the first two seasons were based but, at a certain point, I realized that I was anticipating the situations. At the third season, I quit: I didn’t read the novel and I went hand in hand with what the audience knew”. Before saying goodbye to the Sala Blu, he suggested the kid hold on the experience of Giffoni: “Share experiences and emotions, don’t let smartphones distract you and get to the heart of confrontation. And if something strikes you, take notes and treasure it for the future”.