Tuesday, 12 October 2021 10:04

Once again, the Multimedia Valley proves to be a creative workshop in Italy: here is #SIOS2021Giffoni. Gubitosi: “The place where dreams, projects and innovation coexist was born from the stroke of a pen”

On October 15, the only stage in southern Italy of the event promoted by StartupItalia. Art, entertainment, sustainability, inclusion and a focus on Generation Z. The in-person event will bring together the most significant voices and stories related to creativity, the digital world and new technologies

It is the leading event for innovation and creativity and has chosen Giffoni for its only event in southern Italy. This is the essence of #SIOS2021Giffoni, which will take place on Friday, October 15 in the Multimedia Valley.
The event is promoted by StartupItalia in partnership with Giffoni, which once again proves to be a benchmark − especially for its ability to interact with the thousands of young people who make up its community − and an interesting place for debate for Generation Z.
#SIOS2021Giffoni will start at 10:00 am, following the traditional 15-minute countdown organized by Radio 105. The event will be live-streamed on the Facebook pages of StartupItalia and Giffoni Film Festival and on the official website of the event.
A significant new feature of #SIOS21Giffoni will be the return of an audience − about one hundred representatives of the Gen Z born between 1996 and 2010 − who will actively take part in the event through interviews and talks in open dialogue with the many speakers and personalities from the Italian entrepreneurial and digital world. The topic of the event will be “Ask Me Anything” and will offer an unprecedented focus on the first generation that could use the internet since their childhood, a real journey to discover innovations, languages, media and ideas that are shaping the future.
Claudio Gubitosi, founder and director of Giffoni, commented: “We are really proud of this strategic partnership with StartupItalia that resulted in the choice of the Multimedia Valley as the only location in southern Italy for one of the stages leading up to the SIOS Winter scheduled in Milan next December. Giffoni has always focused on innovation and has been doing so through a specific department that is increasingly acting as a hub of ideas and talents”.
The role of the Multimedia Valley and the opportunities it provides are of absolute relevance: “It is a lively creative workshop in Italy – explained Gubitosi − a facility that is growing, expanding and evolving, 20 years after the first project I imagined on a sheet of paper. We managed to achieve all this thanks to the cooperation with the Municipality of Giffoni Valle Piana, the Campania Region and the support of European and state funding: we are now ready to head towards the future with the campus and the studios. Art, show business, entertainment, production, high quality training, sustainability, inclusion and technologies are subjects and areas that Giffoni has always cared about and which it wants to promote among young people, giving them opportunities for expression, employment, growth and education. Giffoni evolves on a daily basis and does so in conjunction with all those who share our spirit. The partnership with StartupItalia is a confirmation of this vision”.
An important opportunity to reflect on the current situation in the fields of education, startups and neo-entrepreneurship in southern Italy will be offered during the panel “Destinazione Sud”, which will be attended by Valeria Fascione, Campania region’s Councilor for Research, Innovation and Startups. She will be joined on stage by other representatives of the Italian academic, entrepreneurial and venture capital sectors.
The fact that all this is happening in Giffoni, in the Campania region, in the South − Gubitosi concluded − is no coincidence and once again confirms the dynamism we are capable of. Over the last few years, a lot has been done in Campania in terms of innovation, with concrete support to young people and their desire to engage in the world of creativity. Giffoni has been a trailblazer in this respect and we still want to prove it today. Being a pioneer is not only a merit but also a responsibility which we are extremely proud of. The liveliness of our young people is a valuable asset, their thirst for knowledge is a priceless resource, their openness towards the world and towards other people and their ability to have vision all constitute additional values that should not be wasted, especially in the South”.
Throughout the day, the young people will decide the winning startup of the Giffoni Edition Special Award. The five competing startups, all operating in the media and entertainment industry, will be presented at 1:00 pm on Radio105’s show “105StartUp!”, hosted by Alessandro Sansone and Annie Mazzola. The winner will then compete for the “Radio 105 Special Award”, which will be conferred in Milan on December 13 as part of the #SIOSWinter edition.