Saturday, 29 August 2020 15:01

Love, pain and life stories in the winning works of #Giffoni50: these are the film selected by the Generators +13

Stories that change your life, the ones that make your day better. The same stories that open your eyes to new worlds and to an endless number of viewpoints. Stories are emotions, they are tales made of images and words, hearts and beats. The stories of #Giffoni50 are smiles, eyes gazing at the screen looking for new horizons, finding new stimuli: because stories run free, they happily soar and they are a wonder, an infinite wonder. Tom’s story, a shy and sensitive kid who won the heart of the giffoners, attentive spectators and dreamers: MAN UP (France) by Benjamin Parent moved the Generators+13 and it was widely appreciated among those who were at Giffoni, as well as all the ones from the Italian and international hubs.

An intense and passionate tale, changes and adolescence, compromise and fragility, a simple and painful journey among memories and uncertainties, a path full of gaps and absence. The definition of masculinity that must be reached at all costs, social restrictions and the need of feeling free to be, to exist. In the short films category, the Generators+13 made LUCE & ME (Italy), by Isabella Salvetti, win. The film deals with a 10-year-old boy, who is in the car with his father, a Roman and Roma football club supporter. They are late because the derby is about to start, but they have to go somewhere first. The child is dressed up in a fluttering blue miniskirt and a cape like a superheroine. They arrive at the show and Ettore begins to sing a song and dance for just one spectator.

The CIAL Award for the Environment, instituted with the Minister of the Environment’s patronage, reached its sixteenth edition. The prize was awarded to the film CAM’S WAR (Italy) by Laura Muscardin. Wars and devastating natural disasters have destroyed infrastructure and brought the world back to a wild state. The survivors attempt to emigrate by sea but they often end up being deported to concentration camps by human traffickers. The protagonists of the story, a boy named Cam and his sister, embark on a journey in search of a way out towards the sea, their last chance to save themselves and find freedom. It is a long and extremely dangerous journey and soon the boy, being left alone after the kidnapping of his sister, comes across a mysterious friar…  A vortex of stories and emotions, told and experienced, preserved in our hearts. At #Giffoni50, experiencing these stories is an infinite wonder!