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#GIFFONI50 is here: the program

Velia, 10 August 2020 - #Giffoni50 becomes four and their program is “a true hymn to joy”, claimed Festival founder and director, Claudio Gubitosi. “In such troubled times – he continued – I believe it is an extraordinary example that wows you for the quality and the presence of so many  guests of all kinds, ranging from the world of culture, art and Italian politics.”.

Monday 10 August, The program of the event was presented in the beautiful surroundings of the Parco Archeologico di Elea-Velia (Ascea), where Parmenides and Zeno founded the first school dedicated to thought .

“The collaboration with the Archaeological Park of Paestum and Velia is confirmed for us. This combination between Giffoni and the Archaeological Park started last year thanks to the spontaneous empathy with the director Gabriel Zuchtriegel, who masterfully helms the park and whom I thank for the attention and affection he has always shown us - continues Gubitosi - precisely in Paestum, from tomorrow until August 14, the beauty of the temples will be the natural set to tell the history of our civilization thanks the universal language of cinema and music,. The archaeological area will host a concert by the extraordinary composer and pianist GIOVANNI ALLEVI and the screening of films which symbolize Giffoni's relationship with cinema: the iconic E.T. EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL, inextricably linked to the figure of the Oscar winner Carlo Rambaldi, who has always been dear to the festival, DEAD POET SOCIETY  by Peter Weir and BILLY ELLIOT by Stephen Daldry ".

A sign of a new start and hope. The festival is this year divided  into four moments, modulated according to the age target of the jurors, who, will be guaranteed maximum safety in full compliance with the anti-Covid19 regulations in force.

Social distancing, sanitization thanks to the “decontaminator” gallery, access control, mandatory reservations for the open air events dedicated to the general audience, personalized seats. These are just some of the measures implemented for this special edition alongside two important innovations: the first, the mandatory use of an application, Convivio Giffoni Film Festival (created by a startup of the University of Salerno), which will tell jurors and masterclassers about the safety distance to observe, while the second app, Giffoni Film Festival, will allow everyone to consult the program both on the official website but also on their mobile

The 50th edition will be inaugurated by the President of the Region Campania Vincenzo De Luca. The first leg of the festival will be held August 18 - 22  and will be dedicated to the Generator +16 and Generator +18 jurors. The second leg will take place from August 25 - 29 and will be dedicated to the Generator +13 jurors. The closing will see the participation of Anna Laura Orrico, the Undersecretary to Cultural Heritage, standing for Minister Dario Franceschini

The #GIFFONI50 Numbers

610 jurors attending physically
46 hubs 32 in Italy and 14 abroad
2000 jurors overall in streaming
47 films in competition from 26 countries ( 11 Italian)
1 Masterclass Cult with directors, screenwriters, actors, audiovisual experts
1 Giffoni Impact section with guests from the world of science, entertainment, culture, entrepreneurship, sport
12 films from the Giffoni  catalogue in a dedicated review 
4 Premieres
9 special events
7 International talent in live streaming already confirmed
Over 100 guests and talent
13 Official representatives
30 innovators in the Dream Team section
20 startuppers
14 Special Projects  with public and private organizations


The 2020 Theme:


The Earth is the image chosen for this edition, the symbol that closes the trilogy of the elements started three years ago with Water and then last year with Air. A reinterpretation of the School of Athens by Raffaello Sanzio made by the Salerno artist Federica D’Ambrosio. This was not a random choice, as it falls five hundred years after the death of the great Renaissance artist. In the image stands Beatrice carrier of the Earth who intends to put the world, nature, the course of events, respect for the environment as a precondition for the survival of creation, and of the human race which  must return to being at the center of the thoughts of the sages.

The jurors and the Italian and International hubs

610 jurors will physically take part in the first two legs of the Festival. They will have the task of representing the more than 7500 young people who, in the months preceding the health emergency, had already joined the various sections. The anti-contagion rules have imposed the need to drastically reduce access. Faced with this situation, Giffoni did not stop and, once again, managed to overcome every barrier to reach their boys and girls everywhere. This is how the 46 hubs were born: 32 in Italy (Bari, Basso Piave, Battipaglia, Castrovillari, Catania, Cava de 'Tirreni, Ceccano, Cittanova, Codigoro, Corigliano Rossano, Cosenza, Fano, Ferrara, Genzano di Roma, Lecce, Montescaglioso, Naples , Palermo, Pesaro, Potenza, Riccione, Riva Ligure, Roccapiemonte, Rome, Rozzano, Salerno, Sarmede, Taurianova, Terranova di Pollino, Tonara, Tropea and Vietri sul Mare) and 14 abroad (Greece, Serbia, Belgium, Romania, Spain, Croatia, Germany, France, Switzerland, England, North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Poland) for a total of 2000 young people involved virtually and in presence.

The films in competition

La ricerca dell'identità, la complessa relazione genitori-figli, la lotta per i diritti, la violenza, l'amore e la solitudine, ma anche l'omofobia, il razzismo e il rapporto con il diverso: sono alcuni dei temi protagonisti delle 47 produzioni provenienti da Belgio, Croazia, Repubblica Ceca, Francia, Germania, Grecia, Islanda, Irlanda, Lituania, Regno Unito, Slovacchia, Spagna, Svizzera, Svezia e da Canada, Usa, Arabia Saudita, Brasile, Argentina, Uruguay, Israele, Libano, Corea del Sud, Ruanda, Vietnam in concorso. L’Italia è presente con 11 film (2 lungometraggi e 9 corti).


Youth, first love, crime and the search for one’s identity are the themes at the center of the films in competition reserved for Generator +16. Here are the titles of the feature films: BEAST BEAST (USA) by Danny Madden; BLACK CONFLUX (Canada) by director Nicole Dorsey; LAST VISIT (Saudi Arabia) by Abdulmohsen Aldhabaan; NAKED ANIMALS (Germany) by Melanie Waelde; Eoin MacKen's HERE ARE THE YOUNG MEN (Ireland); OUR LADY OF THE NILE (France, Belgium, Rwanda) by Atiq Rahimi; JUST KIDS (France, Switzerland) by Christophe Blanc.

Seven short films, among them the Italian SCHIAVONEA by Natalino Zangaro; ROPELESS by Andrea Carrino, as well as CUBAN HEEL SHOES (Spain) by Julio Mas Alcaraz; 90% (Germany) by Jerry Hoffmann; MAMMAN (Sweden) by Farzad Farzaneh and JAMILA (Sweden) by Sophie Vuković. WILMA (Iceland) by Haukur Björgvinsson.


Love, family, integration, inner conflicts, are the thread that binds together the seven feature films and 12 short films destined for jurors +18: the Italian film in competition is ROSA PIETRA STELLA by Marcello Sannino (PFA Films), followed by AUERHOUSE (Germany, 2020) by Neele Leana Vollmar; CALM WITH HORSES (Great Britain, Ireland) by Nick Rowland; GODDESS OF THE FIREFLIES (Canada) by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette; KIDS RUN (Germany) by Barbara Ott; PACIFIED (Brazil) by Paxton Winters ; THE SLEEPWALKERS (Argentina, Uruguay) by Paula Hernández.

Thirteen short films in competition: A DEVIL IN THE POCKET (France) by Antoine Bonnet and Mathilde Loubes; BUBE MAISES (Israel) by Or Levy; DAUGHTER (Czech Republic) by Daria Kashcheeva, DRY SEA (Belgium) by Yves Bex and Bart Bossaert; HOW MY GRANDMOTHER BECAME A CHAIR (Lebanon) by Nicolas Fattouh; IRON ME (France) by Ivan Rabbiosi; THE MIDNIGHT FREAK TRAIN (UK) by Joseph Derrick and Samuel Elphick; Samuel Chovan's On THE BEACH (Slovakia); REFLECTION (Spain) by Juan Carlos Mostaza; SURA (Korea) by Jeong Hae-ji; THEMES (Croatia) by Danijel Žeželj; SURA (Korea) by Jeong Hae-ji; TIES (Germany) Dina Velikovskaya.


Adolescence, personal growth and the future in the films reserved for Generator +13: the Italian film in competition is LA GUERRA DI CAM by Laura Muscardin (Movie Factory); THE CASTLE (Lithuania, Ireland) by Lina Lužytė; LIFE WITHOUT SARA AMAT (Spain) by Laura Jou; MAN UP! (France) by Benjamin Parent; ROM (Vietnam) by Tran Thanh Huy ;; DANIEL ’16 (Greece) by Dimitris Koutsiabasakos; YOUNG JULIETTE (Canada) by Anne Émond,

Seven short films in competition, all Italian: AFRAID by Daniele Suraci; KLOD by Giuseppe Marco Albano; LUCE & ME by Isabella Salvetti; OUR TIME by Veronica Spedicati; SEPTEMBER by Giulia Louise Steigerwalt; ON THE POINTS of Ulysses Leonardo; TIMO'S WINTER by Giulio Mastromauro.

The #GIFFONI50 review

The films that have made up the history of Giffoni and touched entire generations. Twelve titles for a special review to be held 18 - 22 and 25 - 29 August, at the Multimedia Valley theatres and Yaris Arena, for the giffoners and cinema goers. Among the titles Walking tall by Kevin Bray (Officine Ubu), based on the story of the sheriff of McNairy, former wrestler who died in a road accident, The mighty by Peter Chelsom (Miramax), based on the novel Freak the Mighty by Rodman Phillibrick. BEKAS by Karzan Kader (Minerva Pictures), the story of two Kurdish orphans who want to go to America after seing a film on Superman. BILLY ELLIOT by Stephen Daldry (Universal Pictures), about the young dancer Philip Mosley, CAPERNAUM –by Nadine Labaki (Lucky Red), about 12 year old Zain from Lebanon. DEAR FRANKIE by Shona Auerbach (Miramax). E.T. L’EXTRA-TERRESTRE by Steven Spielberg (Universal Pictures), and French author Francois Truffaut’s Les quatre cents coups (Bim Distribuzione). Lola Doillon’s, FANNY’s JOURNEY (Lucky Red) about friendship and freedom, JIMMY GRIMBLE, by John Hay (Medusa Film), a story about the passion for soccer. THE ART OF GETTING BY by Gavin Wiesen (The Walt Disney Company Italia), ca coming of age story set in New York and  DEAD POET SOCIETY bt Peter Weir (The Walt Disney Company Italia), with Robin Williams.


18 AUGUST – THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN is the first premiere of #GIFFONI50 with DISNEY+

The fiftieth edition will launch with a The one and only Ivan, a Disney+ premiere on 18 August  which will officially debut on September 11 on the streaming platform. The film, will be screened at the  Yaris Arena of the Giffoni Multimedia Valley, with Italian actors FEDERICO CESARI and PAOLA MINACCIONI Streaming live from the US director THEA SHARROCK and actor BRYAN CRANSTON, who stars in the film. Based on the award-winning book by Katherine Applegate, published in Italy by Mondadori, and directed by Thea Sharrock, THE one and only IVAN tells the story of Ivan, a very special gorilla who learns that life is not defined by place and circumstances, but from the power of friendship and the courage to make changes happen. An unforgettable story about the beauty of friendship, the power of imagination and the importance of having a place called home. Ivan is a 180kg gorilla who shares a cage in a suburban shopping center with Stella the elephant, Bob the dog and other animals. He has very few memories of the jungle where he was born, but when a baby elephant named Ruby arrives, something inside him changes profoundly. Ivan begins to question his life, where he comes from and where he ultimately wants to be. The film is a mix of live-action and CGI and stars Bryan Cranston in the role of Mack, the owner of the shopping center, while Ramon Rodriquez is George, the employee of the center and Ariana Greenblatt is his daughter, Julia. In the Italian version the actors Stefano Fresi, Paola Minaccioni and Federico Cesari lend their voices respectively to Bob the dog, Henrietta the hen and Murphy the rabbit.


A story about friendship and courage with a noir and mysterious setting for SHORTCUT, a film directed by Alessio Liguori and written by Daniele Cosci, set to premiere during the first leg of # Giffoni50. The director (Alessio Liguori) and the producer Simona Ferri will present the film to the jurors. The film, an Italian-German co-production with Play Entertainment, Camaleo Film and Sternenberg Films in collaboration with Mad Rocket Entertainment, made use of the audiovisual contribution of the Lazio region and will be distributed in Italy by Minerva Pictures Group. The cast includes actors Jack Kane (Nolan), Zak Sutcliffe (Reggie), and David Keyes (Pedro Minghella). SHORTCUT tells the story of Nolan, Bess, Reggie, Queenie and Karl (all of them 16 years old), a group of friends who, returning from school aboard a vintage bus driven by "old" Jo, encounter an obstacle along the road that forces the driver to take a "shortcut". However, once inside, something unexpected awaits them. Everything seems to be the result of a trap devised by Pedro Minghella, a madman escaped from prison and ready to do anything to escape prison, but none of them imagine that in the shadows lies a mysterious being that will seriously endanger their lives. It's time for the kids to join forces, be brave  and use all their wits to survive the long night ahead. SHORTCUT will be available in streaming, starting from August 19, on The Film Club, the Minerva Pictures platform and on the main VOD platforms: Sky Primafila, Chili, Rakuten TV, Apple TV, Google Play.

26 August – The great Alaskan race by NOTORIOUS PICTURES

Friendship, loyalty, dedication and drive: these are the values ​​behind Brian Presley’s The great Alaskan race scheduled for August 26 with Notorious Pictures.

Based on a true story, The great Alaskan race stars Togo, the Siberian husky of trainer Leonhard Seppala, who became famous after the outbreak of the diphtheria epidemic that hit the city of Nome in 1925. Seppala was a Norwegian fisherman who moved to Nome to work in the gold mines. He soon became an excellent musher, ie driver of a pack of sled dogs and married Kiana, with whom he had a daughter, Sigrid. His wife died after giving birth, leaving him alone with the baby. When the diphtheria epidemic hit the city, in the midst of a blizzard, with the hospital lacking the medicines needed to treat the sick, Seppala and other brave mushers volunteered to face the storm, with their dogs they reached Nenana, where the powerful serum was kept. The relay was dubbed the "serum race". The film will hit theaters on September 3.


The Jurors and the general audience will be able to attend the Italian premiere of the film ENDLESS, scheduled for August 27th. Distributed by Eagle Pictures, the feature film signed by Scott Speer tells the story of Riley (Alexandra Shipp) and Chris (Nicholas Hamilton), two young people who have recently graduated and are deeply in love. When the boy dies in a car accident, Riley feels so guilty that she is responsible for the disappearance of her boyfriend. Chris, however, has not left her permanently: he is stuck in limbo and miraculously manages to get in touch with his beloved. But their love story, which crosses the line between life and death, will allow the two youngsters to learn a difficult lesson: letting go.



The global content company founded by Iginio Straffi, which has conquered generations of children and teenagers from all over the world, celebrates its first quarter century. The Cittadella will host a special Rainbow installation that traces the milestones of the group, starting from the beginning in 1995, when the president and CEO Iginio Straffi gave life to his dream in the hills of the Marche. Visitors will be guided on a journey through images in the history of the group, from the first steps, through the birth of the world classic Winx Club up to 44 Cats, the revelation series of 2018 broadcast in more than 20 languages, and the latest novelties born from the inspiration of Iginio Straffi. The audience will have the opportunity to experience  the magical dimension that has always distinguished the flagship group of Made in Italy, thanks to many unpublished images and the first cartoon drawings that have won the hearts of children and adults alike.


L'UOMO CHE RAPÌ TRUFFAUT will be screened on 18 August on the occasion of the opening of the first leg. The film directed by Luciano Del Prete, tells a fictional story about French director Francois Truffaut who whilst visiting Giffoni with Fanny Ardant is kidnapped by journalist and film buff Antonio Fiore. 


Masha, a young man who grew up in the slum of Dagoretti, recalls through a series of flashbacks the moments in which as a child he began to cultivate the desire to tell, first for fun and then concretely, the reality in which he lives in. his story represents that of many children and young people part of the Dagoretti Child Development Center, managed by Amref since 1999, within which the "Dagoretti Film Center" film production company was born. Thew production of the film was supported by the Aurora Foundation, Amref Health Africa and Dagoretti Film Center. The film will be presented by Massimo Ciampa, project manager of the Aurora Foundation, and Renato Raffaele Amoroso, general secretary of MediaFriends Onlus.


Ana Carrasco is only 23 years old and already a star of the racer. Gritty and determined, she was the first woman to win a motorcycling world championship, winning the sympathy of all sports lovers and beyond. RIDE YOUR DREAM is dedicated to her, an original documentary by Rakuten TV - the leading VOD platform in Europe - which will be premiered, Thursday 20 August, at the Impact masterclassers of # Giffoni50. A great story of female empowerment told in live streaming by the voice of Ana herself, ready to confront the young giffoners. The 23-year-old Spaniard achieved stardom when she won the 2018 World Supersport 300 Championship in the WorldSPP300 Superbike category, competing with men and becoming the first woman to hold the title - and the first in history to win a racing world championship. on the road for motorcycles in over 100 years since the inception of this sport. Ride your dream will be available for free on the “Rakuten Stories” channel on September 17th. RIDE YOUR DREAM is the fifth production by internationally acclaimed directors Pablo Iraburu and Migeltxo Molina, whose background includes the award-winning documentaries Pura vida - The Ridge, awarded the Serbitzu Award at the 60th edition of the San Sebastián Film Festival and Walls (Muros), which received the Global Justice Award in the European IDFA festival.


CIAO ALBERTO. L'ALTRA STORIA DI UN ITALIANO, is Giffoni's tribute to Alberto Sordi scheduled for 22 August. Antonello Sarno signs an original documentary, divided into chapters that traces an emotional and at times unedited portrait of an unforgettable actor. The director and Paola Comin, the actor's historic press office, will be present in the Yaris Arena


Infinity is proud to present RAGAZZI IRRESPONSABILI, the documentary on young people engaged in the green movement of Fridays for Future, co-financed through the Infinity Lab. The on-demand video streaming platform of the Mediaset Group, in 2019 created Infinity Lab, the first permanent Italian laboratory on the Produzioni dal Basso platform, intended to be the incubator of new stories, ideas and skills for directors, videomakers, authors and screenwriters. Documentaries, surveys, but also docufiction and reportages are selected and, once 50% of the budget foreseen in crowdfunding is reached, they are co-financed for the remaining 50% by Infinity, also entering the catalog of on-demand content distributed by the streaming platform. RAGAZZI IRRESPONSABILI is one of the documentaries selected and co-financed under the call "A look at the environment", launched for audiovisual projects on ecology, sustainability and the environment. Pablo Falanga, commercial director of Infinity declares: "InfinityLab is now a point of reference in Italy for innovation in the audiovisual field and we are proud to have co-financed and distributed a documentary with such a current topic that is close to the world of young people". The documentary will soon be available on Infinity.


Eleonora Gaggero, Ludovica Francesconi, Gaja Masciale, Jozef Gjura, Alfa and director Alice Filippi will premiere  to the Generator +13, Friday 28 August, the trailer and the first footage of SUL PIÙ BELLO. The teen dramedy, set to hit cinemas next autumn, is produced by Eagle Pictures and directed by Alice Filippi, from a story by Roberto Proia (Come non detto) who wrote the screenplay with Michela Straniero. The characters of SUL PIÙ BELLO also came to life in the pages of the book of the same name by the well-known influencer and actress Eleonora Gaggero, published by Fabbri Editore. Following the success of her first three novels ("Se è con te, sempre", "L’ultimo respiro", "Dimmi che ci credi anche tu"), the young woman is considered as the one of the most loved and respected  writers of recent years, as well as being one of the actors of the film in the role of the protagonist's rival.


HANGRY BUTTERFLIES, is a documentary by Maruska Albertazzi produced by Blindspot Studios and Rai Cinema. Hangry is a new word born from the combination of hungry and angry and describes the mental state of someone who is hungry but cannot eat. And not for a lack of food.  There are over Three Million people in Italy with eating disorders and 2,3 Million of these are adolescents. Hangry Butterflies is a journey in hunger and anger but also a tale of hope thanks to the stories of a group of young girls who have to fight for their lives on a daily basis


The unseen world of Federico Fellini, the esoteric, spiritual, psychoanalytic and supernatural, will be the privileged magnifying glass through which # Giffoni50 pays homage to the great Master, on the occasion of the centenary of his birth. On 29 August (at 10 pm Yaris Arena) the film FELLINI DEGLI SPIRITI will be screened, directed by Anselma Dell'Olio. The documentary, produced by Mad Entertainment with Rai Cinema in co-production with Walking the Dog, Arte and Rai Com, will hit cinemas all over Italy only on 31 August, 1 and 2 September, distributed by Nexo Digital.

The International Talent IN LIVE STREAMING

In the course of 50 years, the biggest international talents have marked the history of the festival. On this occasion many wanted to show their support with their participation in a particular and important edition like this with a live stream.

RICHARD GERE:  August 20

 The American actor will be appearing on a live stream with the Giffoni jurors on August 20.

Celebrated actor Richard Gere will be making a special appearance in Part 1 of the 50thth edition of the Giffoni Film Festival (August 18-22).  Gere is in fact scheduled to appear at the festival with an online Q&A with the jurors on August 20 to celebrate the 50th edition of the event which is particularly meaningful for the popular children’s film festival in such a troubled year. This is the Golden Globe winner’s second time at Giffoni following his visit in 2014  on the occasion of the 44th edition where he was honored for his extensive acting career with the Truffaut Award.Gere is best known for his roles in "An Officer and a Gentleman, Days of Heaven, American Gigolo, Breathless, Pretty Woman, First Knight, Primal Fear, Chicago, Unfaithful, Looking for Mr. Goodbar, The Cotton Club, Shall We Dance and Internal Affairs.Gere’s most recent film credits include Three Christs, co-starring Peter Dinklage, Walton Goggins and Bradley Whitford; and The Dinner, which was based on a novel written by Herman Koch. He also starred in Joseph Cedar’s film Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer, co-starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, Dan Stevens, Michael Sheen, and Steve Buscemi. In 2015, he appeared in Andrew Renzi’s The Benefactor, alongside Dakota Fanning and Theo James.Among his recent projects are the highly acclaimed art house film Time Out of Mind, directed by Oren Moverman; and The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, directed by John Madden. Gere also appeared with Susan Sarandon in Arbitrage, directed by Nicolas Jarecki which brought him his second Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor.  Gere also recently starred as Max in the psycho-thriller, MotherFatherSon, an eight-part series which aired on BBC Two. The series was created and written by Tom Rob Smith. Gere’s first major role was in Terrence Malick’s "Days of Heaven," for which he won a David di Donatello Award as Best Foreign Actor.  His breakthrough role was in American Gigolo.  Additional credits include  ““Red Corner,” “Hachiko,” and  “Brooklyn’s Finest”. 


From Los Angeles also SYLVESTER STALLONE is set to join the celebrations. The iconic actor, best known for his role as Rocky (Three academy awards such as best film and best director), will be talking to the Generator +16 e +18. jurors


Australian actress Katherine Langford, star of the new Netflix original fantasy series ‘Cursed’, is set to meet the Giffoni children on a live stream on August 22

The Australian actress Katherine Langford, is best known for her role as Hannah Baker in the highly successful Netflix original series ‘13 Reasons Why’

The Golden Globe Award nominee and winner of the Screen Australia Breakthrough Award can currently be seen leading the Netflix Original fantasy series, “Cursed,” starring as ‘Nimue.’ Co-created and written by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller and based on their New York Times bestselling book of the same name, “Cursed” is a fresh re-imagination of the familiar Arthurian legend, told through the eyes of ‘Nimue,’ a young woman with a mysterious gift who is destined to become the powerful (and tragic) Lady of the Lake. Other cast members include Gustaf Skarsgård, Devon Terrell, Daniel Sharman, and Shalom Brune-Franklin, among others. The series released globally on Netflix on July 17th.

On the feature side, Langford’s credits include ‘Knives Out, in which she starred alongside Ana de Armas, Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis and Toni Collette. Directed by Rian Johnson, the critically-acclaimed feature was nominated for three Golden Globe awards and received an Academy Award nomination in the category of Best Original Screenplay. Langford also starred as ‘Leah Burke’ in Director Greg Berlanti’s “Love, Simon” alongside Nick Robinson, Jennifer Garner, and Alexandra Shipp. Based on the coming-of-age novel, Simons vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, written by Becky Albertalli

Furthermore, Langford will star in the upcoming independent, sci-fi, thriller feature, “Spontaneous”. Written and directed by Brian Duffield, the film centers on ‘Mara Carlyle’ (Langford) during her senior year whose life is forever changed when students in her Senior class literally explode for no discernible reason. The film is based on the young adult novel written by Aaron Starmer

This June, Langford was announced as the newest international spokesperson for L'Oréal Paris. She joins the brand's  ambassadors Viola Davis, Jane Fonda, Julianne Moore, Céline Dion, and Eva Longoria, among others. 

DAISY RIDLEY: 26 August 

STAR WARS ’Actress DAISY RIDLEY at #GIFFONI50:English actress Daisy Ridley best known for her role as Rey in the latest saga of the Star Wars films is set to meet the Giffoni jurors on a live stream on August 27 on the occasion of the 50th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival.A special edition of the #Giffoni50 which is ready to shorten distances in a very troubled year such as 2020.Ridley’s breakthrough role as Rey in the 2015 film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens launched the actress to International stardom. She reprised her role as Rey in Star Wars Episode Viii: The Last Jedi and Episode Ix: The Rise Of Skywalker.  Her other acting credits include OpheliaPeter RabbitMurder On The Orient Express, and Only Yesterday. She also served as an Executive Producer on the documentary The Eagle Huntress. The actress will next appear in the Lionsgate sci-fi adventure Chaos Walking opposite Tom Holland set for release on January 22, 2021. Ridley is also the recipient of a 2016 Oscar Wilde Award. The non-profit US-Ireland Alliance created the event to recognize the contributions of the Irish in film.  This is an honorary Irish award.

GLEN KEANE: 27 August 

Academy Award Winner Glen Keane will be among the protagonists of # Giffoni50. The meeting, which will be streamed live, is scheduled for Thursday August 27. The jurors of the Generator +13 category will have the opportunity to talk to one of the most prestigious names in animated cinema and to watch the trailer of his latest work: OVER THE MOON -. The animated film, a co-production of Pearl Studio and Netflix, will be available in the fall.In the original version of the film, the voice of the young protagonist Fei Fei is by up and coming actress Cathy Ang. The voice cast also includes Phillipa Soo (Chang'e), Robert G. Chiu (Chin), Ken Jeong (Gobi), John Cho (Dad), Ruthie Ann Miles (Mom), Margaret Cho (Zia Ling ), Kimiko Glenn (Aunt Mei), Artt Butler (Uncle) and Sandra Oh (Miss Zhong).OVER THE MOON - tells the story of a brilliant little girl who, driven by her determination and passion for science, builds a spaceship to go to the Moon and demonstrate the existence of the legendary goddess who lives there. Once landed, she becomes involved in an unexpected search and discovers a bizarre place populated by fantastic creatures. The film is an exciting musical adventure that narrates the ability to move forward, to deal with the unexpected and the power of the imagination.A unique and unforgettable opportunity for Giffoni's jurors: Keane worked for 38 years at Walt Disney Feature Animation, where he trained under the supervision of Walt Disney's Nine Old Men. The director created many of the most popular Disney characters, including the Little Mermaid, Aladdin, the Beast, Tarzan and Rapunzel. In 2012 Keane left Disney and founded the Glen Keane Productions in order to continue with his artistic explorations in the world of animation, design and cinema. He has since collaborated with Google, the Paris Opera Ballet and Kobe Bryant. His latest project is the Oscar-winning animated short film DEAR BASKETBALL, which he animated and directed in collaboration with the legendary Kobe Bryant and John Williams.

The jury meets

The energy of the sparkling STELLA PECOLLO will kick off the Festival. The versatile artist, who has worked in cinema and on TV, is also the author of the book IO SONO BELLA. LA LEGGEREZZA NON È UNA QUESTIONE DI PESO, the novel that celebrates uniqueness and beauty in an irreverent and ironic way: in Giffoni on August 18 she is set to meet the jurors and tell them about her work and experiencer at the forefront of the fight to body shaming.

19 August, MATILDE GIOLI's charm and talent will illuminate # Giffoni50: afterher turn in Paolo Virzì's “Il capitale Umano”, her career has taken off and today she is considered as one of the most promising stars of Italian cinema. We will see the actress return on TV in the autumn in the last episodes of Raiuno's star ratings fiction "DOC – Nelle tue mani

20 August the protagonists of the fourth season of SKAM Italia, BEATRICE BRUSCHI, IBRAHIM KESHK and PIETRO TURANO, will return to Giffoni together with director LUDOVICO BESSEGATO to tell the Generators +16 and +18jurors about the behind the scenes of the series aired on TIMVISION and Netflix.

I PINGUINI TATTICI NUCLEARI will arrive in Giffoni on August 21 for a meeting powered by Comix: the revelation band will tell the Generators about the overwhelming success that has established them in the Italian music scene as one of the most successful bands

22 August, the extraordinary PAOLA CORTELLESI in a live streaming for a talk on  her career: a versatile and intense talent, one of the most popular Italian actresses ever. Screenwriter, presenter, imitator, an all-round artist who has wowed audiences with her overwhelming irony and talent

On the same day, SERENA ROSSI: an all-round, actress, singer and entertainer.  The star won the audience over with her portrayal of Mia Martini in the Riccardo Donna  helmed film “Io sono Mia”.. 

LUDOVICA MARTINO will visit Giffoni on 25 August: Among the actors of the Netflix film Sotto il sole di Riccione, which pays homage to the 80s movies by  Carlo Vanzina. 

On 26 August, LORENZO ZURZOLO: his breakthrough role came with the Netflix series “Baby”, directed by Andrea De Sica and Anna Negri.

BENEDETTA PORCAROLI, on August 27, will make an appearance on the occasion of the second part of the festival. Born in 1998, we recently saw her in the intense and poignant role of Anna in "18 presents", the film directed by Francesco Amato. She will meet the jurors to talk about her experiences in the world of cinema, but also of the beginnings and fears that accompanied her on her rise to fame

On 28 August MAX GIUSTI will be back in Giffoni to talk about his debut in the world of digital. 

On 29 August  athlete MANUEL BORTUZZO will be in Giffoni to tell his story: a story made of dreams and sacrifices but also of courage and strength. He will present his book RINASCERE – L’anno in cui ho ricominciato a vivere which retraces his life, from successes, through pain to rebirth.

We end with GAIA, the winner of the last edition of “Amici di Maria De Filippi”, a 2020 revelation. 


 GIFFONI IMPACT Talent and guests

The launch of a new section, an exciting alleyway for study and discussion reserved for 75 young people who will have the opportunity to meet men and women of science, art, culture, entertainment, institutions, entrepreneurship, sport, journalism. The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Roberto Fico, has granted patronage to this section.

The meetings will be coordinated by GINO CASTALDO, music critic of the newspaper "La Repubblica", the journalist ALESSANDRO DI STEFANO of StartUpItalia!, PAOLO GIORDANO of "Il Giornale" and the young face of television NICOLÒ DE DEVITIIS.

It starts with GIORGIO VENTRE, director of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies of the Federico II University of Naples and scientific director of Apple iOS Developer Academy.

An important moment of discussion with Professor FRANCO LOCATELLI, president of the Superior Health Council, whom we have learned to know and appreciate in these recent difficult months.

Another scientific study with PAOLO ASCIERTO, oncologist and researcher of the Pascale Institute of Naples, one of the most enlightened and appreciated in Italy and abroad

"Rewriting the rules of mobility": is the theme of the meeting with MAURO CARUCCIO, CEO of Toyota Motor Italia. The story of Toyota is a story of unstoppable movement, that of a company that has revolutionized the concept of mobility over the years, in favor of increasingly sustainable solutions, thanks to the determination to pursue objectives considered 'impossible'. But Toyota is not alone in demonstrating how, thanks to willpower, with its dreams and goals, in mind nothing is impossible. To testify this are four exceptional characters, the 'Unbreakable', people out of the ordinary, united by having faced very difficult challenges and having successfully overcome them: VANESSA FERRARI, world champion of artistic gymnastics, who in 2017 suffered a serious injury, after 500 days without races she went on to win gold at the Melbourne World Championships in 2019. ANDREA PUSATERI, Paralympic cyclist. MARCO DOLFIN, orthopedic surgeon, victim of a very serious accident, who did not give up despite of the difficulties of life and had the strength to start over by winning fourth place in breaststroke swimming at the Rio Paralympics in 2016. MATTIA BARBAROSSA, 19 years old , a young entrepreneur who has been able to profit from his passion for space, creating the first example of a satellite for transporting loads to the moon.

ANDREA DORIA and MARTA RIVA who will present the SIR RUN project, an amateur run of 10 and 4 km that aims to promote physical activity among patients suffering from rheumatic diseases.

There is also space for art with the well-known screenwriter TITO FARACI and the designer WALLIE, curators of the graphic novel "Un sogno chiamato Giffoni", created in collaboration with Comicon and published by Felitrinelli Comics to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Festival.

TONI SERVILLO, actor and theater director. One of the greatest Italian performers, appreciated all over the world, star of the Oscar-winning film “La Grande Bellezza”. Winner of two European Film Awards, four David di Donatello, four Silver Ribbons, two Golden Globes, three Golden Ciak and the Marc'Aurelio d'Argento.

DIEGO BIANCHI, from Propaganda Live, for an irreverent discussion. 

ERRI DE LUCA, writer, journalist, activist, poet and translator, a sublime and intense author like few others. His first novel, Non ora non qui, was published in Italy in 1989. His books have been translated into over 30 languages. One of the most sensitive voices on the cultural scene.

ANTONELLA DI NOCERA, president of Parallelo 41 and active in the production of independent films, director of FILMAP - atelier di cinema del reale  di Arci Movie Ponticelli (Napoli). 

ALESSANDRA PRIANTE, Director of the European Regional Commission of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

NIKO ROMITO, chef of great talent for an event curated by Cibum, a cooking school in Pontecagnano Faiano (Salerno). 

PAOLO VIZZARI, gastronome and territorial marketing expert by In Cibum.

DOMENICO DE MAIO, Director of the National Youth Agency with the ANG Radio project.

VALTER LONGO, President of the Valter Longo Onlus Foundation, professor of biogerontology, director of the Longevity Institute at USC (University of Southern California) - Davis School of Gerontology in Los Angeles.

ANTONLUCA MATARAZZO, General Director of the Valter Longo Onlus Foundation.


RUGGERO CAPPUCCIO, playwright, writer, director, director of the Napoli Teatro Festival.


Space for the Barilla Foundation with SONIA MASSARI.

MASSIMO OSANNA, Director of the Mibact Museums and General Director of the Superintendency of Pompeii.

ANTONIO MAGLIO, Head of Human Knowledge (Joule - Eni's School for Business).

PAOLO LIGUORI, director of the TgCom24 all-news system.

DOMENICO DE MASI, sociologist.

LUCIANO STELLA, Mad Entertainment film producer

ANGELO CURTI, producer and president of United Theaters.

IMPACT- The organizations

This year Giffoni has chosen to give a common line to institutional meetings. The main question that changes, according to the responsibilities of the public representatives who will take part in the various meetings, is “Tell me what happens…”. The children, in fact, strongly feel the right to know their future, in country like Italy that is open and even more aware of their abilities. The invitation was accepted at the moment by SERGIO COSTA, Minister of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea, GAETANO MANFREDI, Minister of University and Research, PAOLA PISANO, Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization, LUIGI DI MAIO , Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and LUCIA AZZOLINA, Minister of Education.

The same question "Tell me what happens in my Region?" will be mailed to the institutional representatives of the territory. Discussing this question with the young people will be FULVIO BONAVITACOLA, Vice-president of the regional council with responsibility for the Environment and Urban Planning, VALERIA FASCIONE, Regional Councilor for Startups, Innovation and Internationalization, CHIARA MARCIANI, Regional Councilor for Training and Equal Opportunity

IMPACT – Between music and words

this year there will be no shortage of leading names of the Italian music scene and TV who will meet young people to tell them the behind-the-scenes of two sectors of entertainment that are very popular among young people.

We start with SOFIA TORNAMBENE, winner of the latest edition of X Factor who, at just 17 years of age managed to wow the audience and already conquer millions of streams.

GUE 'PEQUENO and ERNIA are this year's Urban quota, the first in twenty years on the scene as number one, the second among the most promising and new platinum record.

ROCCO HUNT, NICOLA SICILIANO, SVM and FRANCESCA MONTE will tell us about the new Campania scene.

PIERLUIGI PARDO, after meeting the giffoners, will stream live from the Yaris Arena with DILETTA LEOTTA and FABIO ROVAZZI to talk about sports, music and television during the evening.

DANTI, DON JOE and SHABLO are among the Italian hitmakers and they will talk to us about the record market and how to manage an artist in 2020.

The verve and energy of LODOVICA COMELLO, LINO PRENCIPE of Sony Music (both in streaming), will talk to us about podcasts and the digital market with the "Hyena" GAETANO PECORARO.

AIELLO, VIITO and the ARIES are the indie share of the festival.

SAMUEL, voice and soul of Subsonica, will play us his new single and will talk to us about the Italian Elettropop authorial scene.

VERONICA RUGGERI and ROBERTA REI, hosts of the well-known program “Le Iene”, will answer the questions and curiosities of the students.

ELIANA GUERRA, curator of X Factor, will discuss the world of talent.

SARA POTENTE of Sony Music, will discuss her new appointment as Keychange Ambassador for Italy, a role assigned to her by the campaign for the recognition of gender equality in the recording industry.

NICOLÒ DE DEVITIIS, in addition to conducting some of these meetings, will be the host of the evenings that will anticipate the screenings in the Yaris Arena. He will interview GAIA and others. The activities of the Yaris Arena are free and open to the public, for a maximum of 394 spaced seats and with reservations required.


Cult collects the historical legacy of the Masterclass section, which has always been devoted to in-depth study with masters of cinema, literature and art. Many guests are expected to take part in the 2020 edition, scheduled from 25 to 29 August. We start with the courses, held by MARCO PONTI and ANDREA JUBLIN, which will engage the participants in a fascinating journey halfway between writing and camera. Ponti, director, screenwriter and playwright, who has signed, among others, the very famous “Santa Maradona” and “Io che amo solo te”, will be the protagonist of the cycle on the theme “From the written word to the recited one”. While Jublin, director, actor and screenwriter, author of "The alternate", nominated in the short films section of the 2008 Oscars, will instead tell young people about the complex relationship between words and frames, in the course entitled "stories

 in images" . The meetings will instead be entrusted to CARLO SIRONI, director; CLAUDIO SEGALUSCIO, actor; DANIELE ORAZI, film agent; ISABELLA AGUILAR, screenwriter; LAURA LUCHETTI, director; NICK VIVARELLI, film critic; FABRIZIO LAURENTI, director; DAVIDE LORENZANO, director; YARI GUGLIUCCI, actor. And again three young and talented performers, GIAMPIERO DE CONCILIO, FRANCESCO SERPICO and MASSIMILIANO CAIAZZO, exponents of what we could define as the "Risorgimento Campania", will be the protagonists of a masterclass created in collaboration with Daniele Orazi's DO Cinema.

RAOUL BOVA will discuss his intense career together with the giffoners, from his debut in 1992 to the films that have defined him as one of the most successful Italian actors ever.

SERGIO CASTELLITTO is one of the most intense and talented actors of Italian cinema, awarded with the David di Donatello three times ("Il grande cocomero" by Francesca Archibugi, "Non ti muovere" which he also directed and "Tre colonne di cronaca ”by Carlo Vanzina).

Six films from Masterclass Cult: Sole by Carlo Sironi; Fortunata by Sergio Castellitto; The Place by Paolo Genovese; L’abbraccio by Davide Lorenzano; Life as a B movie by Fabrizio Laurenti and Niccolò Vivarelli; Fiore gemello by Laura Luchetti.


Creativity and entrepreneurship with a young dimension. Indeed of "dreamers", the young dreamers under 30 who aim for a sustainable future in which digital skills can pave the way for them in a new type of economy. The NEXT GENERATION review, now in its 6th edition and created by Giffoni Innovation Hub, a creative agency inspired and promoted by Giffoni Opportunity, returns to Giffoni. The program of this first leg of the 50th edition of the Festival will be divided between round tables and workshops and will be characterized by the work of the DreamTeam, a team of 15 Campania innovators - aged between 18 and 30 - who will work on the realization of different projects in collaboration with some of Giffoni's partners, including BPER Banca and Bayer. The Next Generation program also includes some innovation talks in the context of the Impact Masterclasses: moments of training, confrontation and growth, held by leaders of the industry, institutions and ecosystem of Italian innovation dedicated to 80 young people from Campania from 18 to 26 years. The round tables will be dedicated to various topics, from Corporate Social Responsibility (28 August) to Food and Generation Z (Thursday 27 August), moments of discussion and training for dreamers on the new skills necessary to redesign a new, sustainable economy and that looks to the future. Among the interventions foreseen in the Impact program, there will be: Italian Accenture Foundation (Wednesday 19 August), Alessandra Priante, Director of the Regional Commission for Europe United Nation World Tourism Organization (Saturday 22 August), Altroconsumo with the project * La Spesa che Sfida, presented by Franca Braga, to reveal the secrets and best practices of sustainable, conscious and above all low environmental impact spending with some goodies that will concern none other than the "peels", that is the vegetable waste that usually ends up in the dustbin (Tuesday 25 August Finally, among the other activities scheduled, ample space will be given to some startups that Giffoni Innovation Hub has supported and will host in the coworking space at the Multimedia Valley.


The second edition of SCHOOL EXPERIENCE

School Experience is a traveling festival aimed at raising awareness and training students and teachers through the use of the cinematographic and audiovisual language. The initiative is implemented as part of the National Cinema Plan for Schools promoted by MIUR and MIBACT.

Three events throughout Italy:

Palermo, 12 - 15 October

Terranova di Pollino (Potenza), 4 - 7 November

Giffoni Valle Piana, November 16 - 21

Sizteen ways of saying CIAO 

The Sixteen ways of Saying ciao project created by the Giffoni Experience for the fight against child educational poverty, thanks to the social enterprise Con I Bambini and the Con il Sud Foundation. Activities for 4 years in 5 regions: Campania, Calabria, Sardinia, Basilicata and Veneto.


The important collaboration between Giffoni Opportunity and "Generazioni Connesse" (SIC Italy III) continues, partner of the project dedicated to the promotion of the safe web, coordinated by MIUR and involving the Ministry of the Interior-Postal and Communications Police, the Guarantor Authority for Childhood and Adolescence, Save the Children Italy, Telefono Azzurro, University of Florence, University of Rome “La Sapienza”,, Cooperative Edi, Movimento Difesa del Cittadino and Agenzia Dire. The Safer Internet Center aims to promote a positive and conscious use of the internet and at the same time make it a safe place for younger users. The world of the web, especially for children, presents pitfalls that it is right to know and whose dynamics must be grasped.


Giffoni Opportunity and the Postal Police are committed to undertaking initiatives aimed at encouraging and supporting a responsible use of the web by children, providing families and teachers with useful information and advice for a safe navigation. Two protocols signed between Giffoni and the Postal Police: "Prevention and fight against computer crimes" and "Supporting the correct use of the web by children and adolescents and preventing and fighting the phenomenon of child pornography and cyberbullying". The collaboration is part of the preventive actions that the Postal Police service has been counting for over 10 years, engaging in schools of all levels promoting awareness and prevention campaigns on the risks and dangers associated with the use of the Internet by minors.



From the historic company Freemont, a Battipaglia production company specializing in sports and leisure clothing, a start-up is born which, within a few months, will launch Mitokrew, an innovative brand dedicated to athletes looking for high quality products at low prices. The first to wear some Mitokrew garments will be the Festival jurors who will show off their colorful t-shirts.


A partnership that is renewed for a wide-ranging project that will deal with the following themes: Toyota's vision of the mobility of the future and its transformation from a car company to a mobility company, which places people at the center in order to guarantee the best mobility for all. The company of the future that Toyota imagines: sustainable, inclusive and innovative. The spirit to face the great challenges of the future, in the assumption that nothing is impossible because with courage, resilience and determination it is possible to overcome any obstacle


Verde Giffoni is not just a brand, but a philosophical and humanistic conduit first of all. The challenge is to set in motion new stimuli in cultural processes and in the people who will experience them. It is an innovative project, synonymous with sustainability of thought, communication and action. A captivating challenge that many companies have already chosen to support, with the aim of accompanying young people towards a sustainable future and improving the living conditions of our planet together. Among these there is also Eni which, with Giffoni, will address the issues of energy and the circular economy. The measure of how much sustainability has always been an integral part of Eni's actions is now even more explicit in the new mission which, inspired by the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), highlights the values ​​relating to global challenges the company faces and is committed to: access to energy, climate and environment, human rights, cooperation and partnerships for development. At a particular moment like the present, the choices that the world of energy must face take on an even more important value in tracing the future. On 25 August, in the Truffaut Theatre, the short film AL DI LÀ DEI GIGANTI, the first work of the new Giffoni Entertainment, will be premiered. The subject was written after having carried out and analyzed more than 300 surveys submitted to jurors to understand their opinions and ideas on renewable energy and the future of our planet. The short was made in collaboration with Eni and will be presented at the main film festivals scheduled in the coming months.


New technologies and digital farming techniques for cultivation are still a rarity in our country and Giffoni offers the great opportunity to confront young talents, with educational and constructive contents both to support the agriculture of the future and Made in Italy. . Bayer will participate in the Giffoni Impact project with the masterclass of Giovanni Carrada, science journalist, author of the SuperQuark television program and documentary maker. He will also present a “challenge” to the Dream Team of Giffoni Innovation Hub, with the presence of Fabio Roverso, Field product lead EMEA of Bayer Italia.


Partner of Giffoni for over 10 years, to promote the collection and recycling of aluminum, an endlessly recyclable material. The mega panel made with cans, which has now become the favorite set for the souvenir photos of our guests.


Insal'Arte is the brand of excellence of OrtoRomi Agricultural Cooperative Society which has been guaranteeing quality salads, fruit and vegetable extracts and fresh soups for over 20 years. Present in Giffoni for the third year, it will offer its products for guests in the Lounge area.


Caffè Motta S.p.A. is a solid and dynamic company that bases its production activity on mastery and experience as conditions for business development. Caffè Motta, a great Campania brand known throughout Italy and the world, has been Giffoni's coffee for five years.


Lete is a historic brand from Campania. Its first appearance on the markets dates back to 1893 when the Lete Company began to bottle the exceptional mineral water. Today it is one of the most advanced companies thanks to the use of innovative technological systems. Partner of Giffoni for two years, for 2020 it will present a project that starting from September will involve the giffoni community in a creative contest on the theme of friendship.


The mantra "What starts here improves the world" inspired by the giffoners and created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the festival has appeared in more than a hundred digital spaces in the center of Milan and in 50 premium malls throughout Italy. This was made possible by Clear Channel, a media company, leader in the Out of Home sector and specialized in the creation and publication of advertising campaigns throughout Italy, once again a partner of Giffoni Opportunity. As always, GIffoni will not miss the bikes from BikeMi, also from Clear Channel, which will continue to be faithful travel companions.


One of the most important portals specialized in the sale of photographic video material. For the second year it is the main technical partner through the supply of all the equipment necessary for the audiovisual production of the Festival.


Pointex offers a wide range of fabric products. For years it has created the carpet for Giffoni which will be green this year, in line with the theme chosen for the 2020 edition.


Established in 2006, iPins is a company specializing in the production of pins, which can be made in different shapes, sizes and materials. iPins is the technical sponsor and will present the pin for the 50th anniversary of the Giffoni Film Festival, created by a team of young creatives


It has been Giffoni's main partner in the logistics management for five years.

PEGASO - Telematic University

The Pegaso Telematic University is a University built on the most modern and effective technological standards in the e-learning field. Thanks to the ability to respond flexibly and effectively to the needs of students, Pegaso adequately intercepts their educational and working purposes in the chosen study paths and guarantees full independence and personalization of teaching. For four years it has been a partner of Giffoni in a project that involves the creation of training courses in the audiovisual sector.


Company specialized in the production of design sofas, which from Matera have captured the attention of all of Italy and various foreign countries. Present in Giffoni for the second year, it will furnish the theatre stages and other locations of the festival.


The human and entrepreneurial history of Riflessi is a special challenge that the company has been able to win thanks to continuous innovation and to the creation of strictly made in Italy design products. With its unmistakable style, it will help to give its touch to the interior design.


Through the official website,, it will be possible to consult the program and find out about the activities, read the news, book premieres and special events open to the public.

Even more so this year, live streams will tell you about everything happening at the festival. The official channel to follow them is

The official hashtag to comment is # Giffoni50

Social accounts updated in real time:

Instagram: @giffoni_experience

Facebook: @GiffoniExperience

Twitter: @giffonifilmfest



Radio 105 is once again confirmed as the official radio of Giffoni Film Festival.


A radio that beats strongly on the intense rhythm of the word together: Radio Giffoni Now, Radio Castelluccio, Radio Punto Zero and Radio Flash. # Giffoni50 brings together some of the Campania radio realities for a journey of music and words in a mini network that for the occasion is ready to hug you in an embrace of synchronized frequencies. The project is the natural extension of what began last year with the inauguration of AngInRadio - Youth Experience together with the Director General of the National Youth Agency Domenico De Maio and ANG inRadio, the 'under 30' radio network ready to connect the "best youth" in all of Italy.


Services and live broadcasts every day on the digital terrestrial channel 15.


August 29, 2020

Vincenzo De Luca: “Giffoni is a testimony of humanity”

Category: 29 August #Giffoni50
Cittadella del Cinema first, the greeting to the Dream Team of Innovation Hub next, and yet the meeting with the kids of Giffoni Impact at Sala Blu: “The President of the Region Campania, Vincenzo De Luca, concluded the second section of Giffoni 50 dedicated…