18 July #giffoni2019

After the screening a spectacular ‘invasion‘ will light and amaze the Giffoni valley. Set for release on 25 July, the film is directed by Felix Gary Gray and stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson

Fifty Ambassadors for Giffoni Experience

Thursday, 18 July 2019 18:00
The activities marking the inauguration of the 49th edition of Giffoni Film Fesival will start tomorrow at 11am. Piazza della Multimedia Valley will be entitled to Giffoni Film Festival in the presence of Councillor for tourism
BERNI AND THE YOUNG PHARAOH by Marco Chiarini will be protagonist tomorrow of a special event at #Giffoni2019 opening day, a day before the official release into Italian theatres, set for July 20. 
It will be beautiful and determined Beatrice Vendramin, author of the book I piedi per terra, la testa nel cielo, (literally, The feet on the earth and head on heaven) to light up the Festival’s 49th edition tomorrow. 
The wait is almost over. Just a few more hours and the eagerly-awaited spinoff of the cult series Men in Black, Men in Black: International, will be premièring for general public and giffoners, during the opening day of the 49th annual Giffoni Film Festival.