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Category: Elements +3

A boy fantasizes about becoming a famous footballer, playing in big stadiums - but first he has to win a match in a small backyard against a goose.

Original Title L’Oie du plus fort
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +3
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 12' 30''
Production Year 2022
Nationality Czech Republic
Directed by Jan Mika
Screenplay Jan Mika
Editor Tomáš Vrána
Animation Alfons Mensdorff Pouilly, Maxime Leclerc, Sylvain Rohart, Petr Charvát
Sound Mirek Šmilauer
Music Viliam Béreš
Graphic Design Jan Mika
Produced by Michal Podhradsky, Nicolas Schmerkin
Production Animation People, Autour de Minuit


photo Jan Mika 300dpiMikaJan Mika

Jan was born in 1979, in the Czech Republic. He obtained his bachelor degree at the FAMU in Prague (Directing) and his Master Degree at the FAMO in Pisek (visual effects and classic animation). He focuses mainly on animated and hybrid films.


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