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Category: Generator +13

Seven years after the death of his mother, 13-year-old Karim has left Paris for Morocco with his father Messaoud, who has remarried and decided to return to his homeland. After a year at a French boarding school in Casablanca, Karim joins the newly blended family – including his new half-brother, stepmother and his father’s mother-in-law - for the summer in Boujad, a small town in central Morocco. Already muddled by the anxieties of adolescence, Karim struggles to understand their world and establish his place in a family of strangers. Meanwhile, his father - having discovered how little he really knows about Morocco after decades in France - is finding it difficult to adjust and even more challenging to relate to a boy beginning to show signs of rebellion.

Original Title Un Été à Boujad
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +13
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 79'
Production Year 2022
Nationality Belgium, France, Morocco
Directed by Omar Mouldouira
Screenplay Omar Mouldouira
Director of photography Jean-Marc Selva
Editor Michel Klochendler, Omar Mouldouira
Sound Mehdi Filali
Music Simon Fransquet
Main cast Yassir Kazzouz
Ahmed Elmelkouni
Hatim Seddiki
Laila Fadili
Adam Morjany
Hiba Aouad
Azzelarab Keghat
Produced by Mohamed Nadif, Valentin Leblanc, Delphine Duez
Production Awman Productions, Black Boat Pictures, White Boat Pictures


Omar Mouldouira Director 2Omar Mouldouira

Omar Mouldouira was born in Paris in 1973, graduating in 1999 from FEMIS French Film school with a degree in sound engineering. After having worked on the soundtracks of several films, he became a member of the selection committees of feature films for the French National Center of Cinematography. Since 2004, he has been teaching audiovisual techniques, screenplay writing and directing in several film schools in France and Morocco. He has written and directed several short films that received awards in numerous film festivals and were also broadcast on European and Moroccan television. After having directed a documentary for Arte TV, he has directed his first feature film: A SUMMER IN BOUJAD.

“What if A SUMMER IN BOUJAD's real question was: «When does one no longer feel like a stranger?» In other words, do we ever truly stop feeling foreign or does our own outlook and sometimes the outlook of others just change? Through this exploration of film art, which is essentially an art of looking, I wish to investigate this unanswered question…”


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