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Category: Generator +13

Reyhan, raised in a religious family, arrives to spend her summer holidays at her grandmother Ummu’s (65) house in a conservative Central Anatolian village, accompanied by her mother Hatice (37), and her 6-year-old brother Mehmet. The 13-year-old is gripped by a state of inner turmoil. She has just had her first period and dreads the consequences of being unable to perform the required religious washing rites. On the other hand however, she desperately doesn’t want to believe in such customs, which deep down she feels are nothing but superstitions based on unproved traditions. Meanwhile, her friend Shukran, 17, fears she is pregnant and Reyhan will try to help her buy a pregnancy test out of sight of the villagers.

Category Official Competition
Section Generator +13
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 84’
Production Year 2022
Nationality Turkey
Directed by Ümran Safter
Screenplay Ümran Safter
Director of photography Bertan Özer
Editor Ümran Safter, Ömer Leventoğlu
Sound Tuğrul Gültepe
Music Yağız Oral
Casting Ümran Safter, Suraj Sharma
Main cast Mina Demirtaş
Ece Demirtürk
Işıl Acaray
Kayra Kalaycı
Berivan Edebali
Produced by Suraj Sharma
Production Ekymmedya


Umran photo 1Ümran Safter

A recipient of numerous international and national film awards, Ümran Safter is a director, script writer and former journalist. She embarked on her filmmaking career in 2014 and debuted her first feature motion picture KABAHAT/GUILT in September 2022. She is currently working on her 2nd narrative feature film project RIGHT WHERE I LEFT YOU/SENI BIRAKTIĞIM YERDEYIM. Her previous documentary credits include films that explore multiculturalism and gender issues, with titles such as LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN, THE EYE OF ISTANBUL, SEVAN THE CRAFTSMAN, THE SIN OF BEING A WOMAN, and THROUGH OTTOMAN EYES.

“The film centers on Reyhan and Sukran, two girls dealing with existential issues whilst growing up in a poor, traditional and conservative village - the residents of which view as taboo the worries and concerns that confront girls during their pubescent and teenage years. The other characters are women who play a crucial role in Reyhan’s life and upbringing. Growing up, I spent most of my summer holidays in an Anatolian village. Like Reyhan, I spent many nights having nightmares because I wasn’t able to perform the required ablutions after having my first period. I wanted to use my directorial debut in fictional feature films to portray the forceful and life-shaping impact of this episode in my life. I wanted to use the other characters in the film to cast a light on how it is often women who lead when it comes to imposing this unjust stranglehold on girls' faces from an early age. The film also looks to portray Reyhan and Sukran’s struggle for independence from a suffocating and intimidating atmosphere within the context of regular life in an Anatolian village, where drought, poverty and the interactions between village residents comes to the fore.”


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