film giffoni 2023


Category: Elements +6

Follow the journey of Clémence and her kitty, Rroû, as they leave Paris to spend the holidays in the countryside. While there, Rroû enjoys the wildlife and befriends Câline, a white kitten who prowls in the woods.

Original Title Mon chat et moi, la grande aventure de Rroû
Italian Title Vita da Gatto
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +6
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 82’
Production Year 2023
Nationality France
Directed by Guillaume Maidatchevsky
Screenplay Guillaume Maidatchevsky, Michaël Souhaité
Director of photography Dan Meyer
Editor Jeanne Kef
Production Design Loïc Fontimpe
Costume Design Marie Credou
Sound Clément Maurin
Make up Mathilde Dhordain
Music Julien Jaouen
Main cast Capucine Sainson-Fabresse
Corinne Masiero
Lucie Laurent
Nicolas Umbdenstock
Juliette Gillis
Produced by Jean-Pierre Bailly, Stéphane Millière
Production MC4, Orange Studio


A Cats Life directorGuillaume Maidacthevsky

Guillaume Maidacthevsky is a French director. A wildlife specialist, he has worked for both independent productions and for big channels, French and international television, such as France Television, National Geographic, BBC, Discovery, ZDF, Sky. It was his studies as a biologist that gradually led him to turn to the production of films with an ecological scope. Most of the time he writes and directs stories related to nature and the protection of the planet. Guillaume likes to make people dream and tell stories. He films animals as he would film actors, eye level. It doesn't matter what species we belong to. For him, each animal has its own personality. These films strive to bring it out to tell real stories with universal reach.

“From the start, I said to myself that I didn't want to make a phoney film. This is also why I wanted to keep the hardness found in the book. The passage where the cat kills a shrew is very precise in its description. We feel the cruelty of the animal. But it is necessary to tell this reality. I don't want people leaving the theatre to think that my film is a joke. I wanted to tell the cat species as it is: sometimes cute but also hunter, predatory, able to play with its prey. It's still the animal that will kill a bird in the garden in the morning and purr on your sofa in the evening! I wanted the children to realize that the cat has its freedom. And that it's up to him whether he takes it or not."


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Orange Studio

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