Verde Giffoni - youth for the present is a brand new festival addressed to Generation Z, the most attentive and committed to the preservation of the Planet.

Boys and girls from the age of 14 will meet in Giffoni – a landmark for young people – to share a stimulating experience that will include films, debates, meetings, testimonies and the chance to network with people who want to help build a better, greener future.

A real revolution that promotes a precise concept: an ecology of thought.

The first edition is scheduled from April 27 to 30, 2022 in Giffoni Valle Piana (Salerno).

Filmmakers can submit their works in three non-competitive sections: 

In-Society and Out of Society for documentaries with a minimum duration of 60'
Futura for fiction films lasting longer than 60 minutes


Verde Giffoni is organized by the Ente Autonomo Giffoni Experience, a non-profit association established in 1973. It is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture – Directorate-General for Cinema and by the Campania Region, with the support of the Municipality of Giffoni Valle Piana.  It is also supported by other associations, organizations, institutions and private sponsors.


In this new guise, Verde Giffoni aims to take a leading role in addressing environmental issues by becoming a meeting point for associations, authors, activists and young people and by offering a new and free space where the debate on the future of the environment and our planet can be broadened.  Meetings, conferences, films and investigations will focus on environmental needs, promoting the development of a collective awareness and acting as a gateway to the preservation of our world, in the hope of building a greener future.


The 1st edition of Verde Giffoni will take place in the presence of the audience. However, should developments of the pandemic make it necessary, the Festival reserves the right to make changes to the festival format and to present some screenings both in cinemas and online in order to ensure the safety of all participants. 
Participation in Verde Giffoni implies authorization to screen the selected films online (for a limited number of viewers).

Official Sections - Non-competitive

  1. In-Society: Documentary films (minimum duration: 60’) that focus on the relationship between present society and nature. How do humans show their presence in the changes of the planet? How do we approach changes in nature? Classic Documentaries, Real-life Cinema, Docufiction set in urban contexts and focused on environmental issues.

  2. Out of Society: Documentary films (minimum duration: 60’) tracing and portraying types of society that differ from the mass society, as well as an ancient and modern relationship with nature and the symbiotic and non-subordinate bond that can be created with it. Ethnographic, naturalistic and environmental works.

  3. Futura: Fiction films longer than 60’ that deal with humans’ relationship with nature are eligible for this section. Environmental and dystopian works will be given preference in the selection process.

Film Selection

Eligibility Requirements

Only films produced from January 2021 or premiered from June 2021 will be considered for admission, and priority will be given to unreleased films.

The deadline for submitting files or links online in order to be considered for the pre-selection is March 18, 2022.

The films must be submitted via FilmFreeway at the following link All the required data must be entered and the films must be uploaded or a link must be provided to allow them to be viewed.

Selection procedure

The film selection will be carried out at the unquestionable judgement of the Artistic Management, which will communicate the final results only to the productions/distributions of the selected films by March 31, 2022.


Upon receiving the official notification of the film selection, absolute priority must be given to the shipment of the following materials:

  • File of the full film with English subtitles (if not already submitted for the pre-selection).These files will be used for the realization of Italian subtitles where necessary, therefore it is possible to send screeners with watermarks.
  • Entry form (to be filled in online on our platforms)
  • Biography, filmography and a photo of the director (via e-mail)
  • Director’s notes on the film (via e-mail)
  • A complete list of dialogues in English and a list of subtitles in srt format (via e-mail)
  • Photos of the film (via email or dropbox)
  • Posters and brochures
  • Trailer (for feature films only) no longer than 2 minutes (via ftp or wetransfer). In order to promote the films, it is essential that the production companies give permission for a maximum of 2’ of scenes from the film (30’’ for short films) to be broadcast on national and international televisions.
  • Verde Giffoni may transmit this material to third parties for the purpose of promoting the Festival.

Images and texts will also be used for festival publications (e.g. catalog, program) and for online media (website, app, social media channels), where they will remain available with no time or territorial limits.

Each film presented will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the event.

Official logo, Laurel, promotion

Participants may use the Festival logo/laurel on all advertising and promotional materials for the film (posters, banners, trailers, etc.). LINK

FILES for screenning  (formats suitable for screening: DCP, H264HD or QuickTime ProRes) must be sent (via Ftp/Aspera link/Dropbox, ecc.) no later than 7 days before the beginning of the Festival.

  • All films will be screened in their original language with electronic subtitles in Italian.
  • The prints of the films must be subtitled in English if they come from non-anglophone countries.
  • The copy for the official screening must be identical to the one submitted for the pre-selection.
  • In case of DCPs, please consider the time needed to upload and test them. In case of encrypted DCPs, the KDM must be valid for the entire duration of the Festival.
  • Files for the official screenings can be sent to

Costs and Commitments

  • Verde Giffoni does not charge for admission to the pre-selection.
  • All costs for shipping copies of the selected films and for returning them to their countries of origin will be covered by the festival only if the films come from the production/distribution companies and are returned there. In case of shipments to/from other Festivals, the Festival will cover transportation costs for one way only (reception or return).
  • Transport Insurance. The shipping of the films to and from Giffoni is to be covered by the participants. The Festival will provide insurance coverage for the period during which the films are stored at the Festival offices. In any case, the insurance value of the films may not exceed the cost of a standard copy, according to the rates in force in Italy.
  • Verde Giffoni will save a digital copy in its Historical Archive of all the films presented in the various sections. This copy will be used exclusively for internal purposes (programmers and collaborators) and for study and preservation purposes, with the exclusion of any commercial use.

Filmakers Participation

Filmmakers are not expected to be physically present in Giffoni. Film directors and/or cast/crew members will be invited to attend Q&As via Zoom after the screening of the film. Further information will be provided to the parties directly involved.

Final Provisions

  • Participation in Verde Giffoni entails the unconditional acceptance of these regulations. It is the responsibility of producers, distributors or any other subject representing the film to ensure that they are legally authorized to submit the film to the event.
  • In case of any dispute on the interpretation of the regulations, the original text drawn up in Italian shall prevail.
  • The Festival Management is entitled to settle all cases that are not covered by these regulations, as well as to derogate from the same regulations in special and justified cases.
  • The court of Salerno is the competent authority for the resolution of any possible dispute.

Giffoni, january 2022