Theme 2018: Aqua

The Giffoners, like all human beings, are made up of 70% of water.

But what is water?

We are born in amniotic fluid, which is mostly produced by the amount of water the mother drinks during her pregnancy and will later contribute to the breastfeeding.

Water can create; it can destroy, it can generate life, give life but also bring death.

Water is life; it is the sustenance for the entire planet and its inhabitants.

Water washes and purifies, and its cathartic value melts the crusts of horror of the world.

We can immerse ourselves in water, the cradle of humankind and the warm bath that relieves our everyday pains.  

Water is the protagonist of art.

Water is the metaphor of existence.

Water is powerful and possessing it means power, because the lack of water brings drought, drought leads to hunger, hunger to misery and misery to war.

That is why water is as fundamental as a mother who feeds her baby, that teaches the baby about love, and as a father that guides them and shows them which direction they should go in life. .

Enjoying water is nothing to be taken for granted.

We are so used to the idea that water is there, and will always be, that we never think about the possibility of losing it altogether.

And this is where a fundamental question arises: What can we do to fight the wasting of water?

Faced with such a question, Giffoni Experience felt the need to find a solution.