AUGUST 27-28



Born in 2000, ALFA, Andrea De Filippi, is a singer-songwriter from Genoa, where his music grew and matured, strongly inspired by the sea and the vibrations transmitted by his city.
«Genoa is my home, I wrote almost all my songs here. I don't know if it's a matter of tradition, but in this city you can breathe music. I think being close to the sea inspires me every day. I am not only fond of it, I'm really addicted to it. If I don’t see the sea for a few weeks I get in a bad mood!»
With over 145 million total streams on Spotify, over 50 million views on Youtube, and 61 million streams for the song "Cin Cin", he has already obtained a double platinum disc ("Cin Cin") and four gold discs: "Testa tra le nuvole, pt.1", "Wanderlust!", "Dove sei?" and the recent single "TeStA TrA Le NuVoLe, pT. 2". With the latest Before Wanderlust sold out tour, he is working on his next album due in autumn 2020.
Alfa released his first EP "Before Wanderlust" in December 2019, which was anticipated by the single "Wanderlust!".
Alfa donated the proceedings of the single to charity to the association "The Tree of Life Onlus", which works with children in difficult conditions, thus helping to create opportunities and dreams for children.
«Wanderlust is the island that is not there, the wonderland, the world of dreamers, of children. Unfortunately when we grow up, we often abandon this world and forget about it».
The artist met the children of one of the communities of "The Tree of Life Onlus" to make them listen to the single preview and collect the drawings born live from listening to the song. The images of these drawings then inspired the content of the video clip, which was premiered on Sunday 20 October at the "Cinema Odeon" in Genoa and was sold out during the programming hours.
His musical style oscillates between pop, rap and indie, with an imagery that ranges between a solar and carefree world and one with more melancholy and delicate features such as those that led him to write "Testa tra le nuvole pt.1" and "TeStA TrA Le NuVoLe, pT. 2". Both driven by a feeling of rupture with the past, the two tracks represent a new starting point: while in pt.1 the end of a love story is themed, in pt.2 Andrea deals with himself and life that changes: he interrupts his studies to devote himself completely to music, which thus becomes a job in all respects, with the responsibilities and expectations that follow.
Thus from the hope for something better and the desire for freedom and lightness even in one's own instability, “TeStA TrA Le NuVoLe, pT. 2 ", which is accompanied by a carefree whistle, tells us the most beautiful night of his life.
The video clip of the song, conceived in the lockdown period, was made through the collection of the most beautiful and significant videos that arrived to the artist on Tik Tok through the #KissAway challenge which asked the community to exchange a kiss, the simplest gesture in the world, and a good starting point to return to normal. Over 11,000 videos were collected from more than 20 countries making up a video lasting over 25 hours.
With its new single "SuL Più BeLLo", released on July 16, ALFA achieves another one of his goals: making a soundtrack: the song is the title track of the homonymous film produced by Eagle Pictures and directed by Alice Filippi, with the support of Turin Piedmont Film Commission, which will hit theaters next autumn. The single tells of how things never go according to plan, and while calculating every detail, something unexpected will always happen. SuL Più BeLLo talks about how life would certainly be easier if the future could be predicted, even if certainly more boring and less surprising.