The Enfant terrible of Contemporary Classical Music, for the new generations he is an authentic authority and represents the rebirth of cultured music. Two diplomas with full marks in Piano at the Perugia Conservatory and in Compositionat the Milan Conservatory. A degree with honors in Philosophy, with the thesis "The void in Contemporary Physics". Jeans, T-shirts, sneakers. This is Maestro Giovanni Allevi’s trademark style which his audience loves to see in the most prestigioust heaters in the world, from Carnegie Hall in New York to the Auditorium of the Forbidden City in Beijing. Allevi is a Composer, conductor and pianist who has be witched millions of young people with his music and brought them closer to cultured music and to the creative art of composition. There are numerous Degree Theses dedicated to him. His Concerto for Piano and Orchestra n.1 was included in the Music section XXI sec. of the International Piano Competition Città di Cantù. Since 2013 he has been an Ambassador of Save The Children, and is committed to protecting and safeguarding children. The American Space Agency NASA named an asteroid after him.