Lorenzo Ostuni, known to the general audience as Favij, is the most popular creator in Italy, with a total of 8 million and a half followers and over 3 billion views on YouTube. He is the only one in Italy to have reached 5 and a half million subscribers on the YouTube channel. He had a "special party" for the occasion together with Jovanotti, Favino, Matano, Fiorello, Vieri, De Sica, Cannavacciuolo, Nainggolan, Malgioglio and Gabry Ponte. The passion for video games was passed on to him by his father at the age of 3. During his high school years he made his first videos together with two friends. The mechanics were simple and the grammar amateurish: one played and the others commented. When he enriched the contents and opened his channel on YouTube, he quickly becames the icon of the world of video games. His way of interpreting the gameplay is unique: fun, spontaneous and a little crazy. It is real entertainment through video games. Favij was a pioneer of that social platform whose potential was unknown at the time but which in a short time revolutionized the use of videos, so much so that hewas the first to win the Google Golden Button in 2014 (a prize awarded by Google to those who pass the million subscribers on their YouTube channel). YouTube himself included him, as the first and only Italian, in the prestigious and highly anticipated annual video 'Rewind' in 2018. In March 2020, during the lockdown for Coronavirus, he actively participated in the #IOMIDIVERTOACASA campaign. Favij is visionary and eclectic, Lorenzo on the other hand is very reserved and rather shy. The advice to those who want to become a YouTuber is “Do what you like. The rest will come by itself.