December 26 - GLASSBOY


Samuele Rossi studied Arts and Performing Arts at the University of Pisa, Film and Television Direction at the European Rosebud Film School in Rome, Screen Writing at the York Film Academy and Modern Philology at the Faculty of Literature at La Sapienza in Rome.

He made his feature film directorial debut in 2011 with LA STRADA VERSO CASA, participating in numerous festivals around the world (Rome International Film Festival, San Paolo International Film Festival) and winning several national awards. The following year he founded the Echivisivi Film Production company.

In 2014 his first documentary film LA MEMORIA DEGLI ULTIMI premiered at BIFEST 2014, obtaining excellent feedback from critics and audiences. In 2016 he made the documentary INDRO, L’UOMO CHE SCRIVEVA SULL’ACQUA, in collaboration with Sky Arte and with the support of Mibact. The film was among the finalists at the Nastri D'Argento Doc 2017. In the same year the documentary BIOGRAFIA DI UN AMORE was released, a film that continues to work on the theme of “memory” and loss. In 2018 Samuele produced SE DI TUTTO RESTA UN POCO. SULLE TRACCE DI ANTONIO TABUCCHI, a documentary about the great Italian writer, and in 2019, he writes and directs FUOCO SACRO, a Format Tv about Italian literature of the 20th century, produced by LaEffe channel. GLASSBOY is his latest work. Currently he is also a Direction teacher at the Tuscan Cinema Academy and part of the Board of the Festival Internazionale dei Popoli.