December 28 - TRIPLE TROUBLE


Marta was born in 1979 in Warsaw. Director, screenwriter and sociologist, she graduated from the Directing Department of the Łódź Film School and the Institute of Sociology of the University of Warsaw. During her studies, she made over a dozen short student films, both fictional and documentary, based on her own scripts, including the festival acclaimed OWL. She has directed children’s plays, videos for social campaigns (for the Ministry of Regional Development and the Forum of Polish Non-Governmental Organizations’ Initiatives), and a children’s film GLUŚFILMOWIEC (GLUŚ, THE FILMMAKER) based on a story by Maciej Wojtyszko. She was a second unit director and assistant for Jan Jakub Kolski while he was making VENICE. She was a casting director of Grzegorz Jaroszuk’s feature debut KEBAB & HOROSCOPE. Moreover, she received a scholarship from the Minister of Culture (Young Poland 2014). Her directorial debut DOUBLE TROUBLE attracted more than 320 000 viewers to the Polish cinemas and was screened at film festivals all around the world. TRIPLE TROUBLE is her second feature fiction film.