December 12 - 6:30 p.m.

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I am an architect and founder of everwave (formerly) Pacific Garbage Screening e.V.,. I studied architecture in Aachen (Germany) and Florence (Italy). During my master thesis. I developed the concept of "Pacific Garbage Screening". As an architect I have worked for 5 years in architectural offices in Aachen, Arnsberg and Vienna. Besides my work as an architect I founded the 'Pacific Garbage Screening' (today 'everwave' ) and lead the project full-time since the end of 2018. As CEO, I represent the project to the public and to environmental education. Among other things, I am an ambassador for the SDG's (Goal No. 14), jury member of the German Sustainability Award and board member of the German Decade Committee of the UN Ocean Dekade. I use my voice to campaign for the protection of the oceans.