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Roman actress and comedian, when she was not yet 20 years old, she started attending Francesca De Sapio’s acting seminars (Stanìslavsky-Strasberg method). In the same years, she joined the “Compagine” theater company, bringing on stage many plays under Furio Andreotti’s direction.
She debuted on television with "Non è la Rai" by Gianni Boncompagni and from 2002 to 2010 she worked constantly with the Gialappa’s Band in "Mai dire domenica", "Mai dire Grande Fratello", and "Quelli che il calcio", a period when she brought on screen more than fifty different comic characters.
In 2008, she joined the team of the Sanremo Dopofestival with Elio e le Storie Tese.
She also appeared in many fictions and sit-coms like "I liceali 3", "Sette vite", "Il commissario Manara", "Camera Cafè" and "Tutti insieme all’improvviso" with Giorgio Panariello.
From 2007 on, with the film "Mi fido di te" by Massimo Venier her film career became unrelenting. Fausto Brizzi cast her in 2010 for the ensemble film "Maschi contro femmine" and for its sequel "Femmine contro maschi". In that same year, she took part in "La banda dei Babbi Natale", a Christmas comedy by Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo directed by Paolo Genovese. Nel 2011 she was cast in "Nessuno mi può giudicare" (awarded with the Silver Ribbon as best comedy) of her friend and director Massimiliano Bruno, whom she worked with also in 2012 for "Viva l'Italia" in a short cameo. Again in 2012, she was with Paolo Genovese in "Immaturi – Il viaggio" and in Luigi Cecinelli’s debut film "Niente può fermarci" in which she interpreted an amusing nymphomaniac nurse. In 2013, she was in "La Buca" by Daniele Ciprì. In that same year, she hosted the new edition of Radio2 Social club with singer Luca Barbarossa and comedian Andrea Perroni.
Lucia was directed by Fausto Brizzi once again in 2016 in "Poveri ma ricchi" and in "Poveri ma ricchissimi", a Christmas comedy of which she was a protagonist with Christian De Sica and Enrico Brignano.
At the beginning of 2018 we saw her in the movie "Metti la nonna in freezer" by Giancarlo Fontana and Giuseppe Stasi, and in autumn 2019 she will be back in theaters with the ensemble comedy "Se mi vuoi bene" by Fausto Brizzi.

  • Filmography:

    Un altr'anno e poi cresco, directed by Federico Di Cicilia (2001)
    Mari del sud, directed by Marcello Cesena (2001)
    Mi fido di te, directed by Massimo Venier (2007)
    Generazione 1000 euro, directed by Massimo Venier (2009)
    Maschi contro femmine, directed by Fausto Brizzi (2010)
    La banda dei Babbi Natale, directed by Paolo Genovese (2010)
    Femmine contro maschi, directed by Fausto Brizzi (2011)
    Nessuno mi può giudicare, directed by Massimiliano Bruno (2011)
    Immaturi - Il viaggio, directed by Paolo Genovese (2012)
    Viva l'Italia, directed by Massimiliano Bruno (2012)
    Niente può fermarci, directed by Luigi Cecinelli (2013)
    Tutta colpa di Freud, directed by Paolo Genovese (2014)
    La buca, directed by Daniele Ciprì (2014)
    Poveri ma ricchi, directed by Fausto Brizzi (2016)
    Poveri ma ricchissimi, directed by Fausto Brizzi (2017)
    Metti la nonna in freezer, directed by Giancarlo Fontana e Giuseppe Stasi (2018)
    Uno di famiglia
    , directed by Alessio Maria Federici (2018)

    Bulli e pupe - TV program (1992)
    Non è la Rai - TV program (1992-1994)
    Macao - TV program (1997-1998)
    Lo zio d'America - TV series (2002)
    Mai dire domenica - TV program (2002-2004)
    Mai dire Grande Fratello - TV program (2003-2004)
    Rumore bianco - TV program (2003)
    La omicidi - TV miniseries (2004)
    Assolo - TV program (2004)
    Nessundorma - TV program (2004)
    Due sul divano - TV program (2004-2005)
    Una famiglia in giallo - TV series (2005)
    Mai dire lunedì - TV program (2005)
    Quelli che il calcio - TV program (2005-2007, 2009, 2015-present)
    Music Farm - TV program (2006)
    Stile libero Max - TV series (2007)
    7 vite - TV series, 21 episodes (2007)
    Dopofestival - TV program (2008)
    Il commissario Manara - TV series, 24 episodes (2009-2011)
    Agata e Ulisse - film TV (2010)
    I liceali 3 
    - TV miniseries, 8 episodes (2011)
    Camera Café
     - TV series, season 5
    Tutti insieme all'improvviso - TV series (2016)