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Gabriella Pession is one of the most popular and beloved Italian actresses. In the last fifteen years, she was the protagonist of numerous films for cinema (directed, among others, by Leonardo Pieraccioni, Lina Wertmuller, Carlo Verdone, Luca Lucini) and of very successful television series on air, sometimes for several seasons, mainly on RaiUno. Among her works, the mini-series "Ferrari" (directed by Carlo Carlei, 2003) and "Lo smemorato di Collegno" (directed by Maurizio Zaccaro, 2009), as well as the audience records "Orgoglio" (3 seasons, 2003- 2005), "Capri" (3 seasons, 2005-2008), "Il Capitano" (directed by Vittorio Sindoni, two seasons, 2005-2007), "Rossella" (2 seasons, 2011-2013).
In 2013 and 2014 she was among the protagonists of the first and second seasons of the international series "Crossing Lines" (created by Ed Bernero, with Donald Sutherland). In 2016, she was lead actress in "Il Sistema" (a series directed by Carmine Elia, on RaiUno). Again in 2018 she starred with Leonardo Pieraccioni in his film "Se son rose...", and on stage in the play "After Miss Julie" by Patrick Marber, directed by Giampiero Solari. In 2018 and 2019 she was the protagonist of the first and second seasons of the TV series "La Porta rossa" directed by Carmine Elia, broadcast on RaiDue. In 2019, she starred in the TV series "Oltre la soglia" directed by Monica Vullo and Riccardo Mosca, written by Laura Ippoliti, Michela Straniero, Stefano Reali, Flaminia Padua, Lorenzo Bagnatori and Eleonora Bordi, currently in production.

  • Filmography:

    Fuochi d'artificio, directed by Leonardo Pieraccioni (1997)
    Ferdinando e Carolina, directed by Lina Wertmüller (1999)
    Il pesce innamorato, directed by Leonardo Pieraccioni (1999)
    Voci, directed by Franco Giraldi (2000)
    La verità vi prego sull'amore, directed by Francesco Apolloni (2001)
    Operazione Rosmarino, directed by Alessandra Populin (2002)
    L'amore è eterno finché dura, directed by Carlo Verdone (2004)
    L'uomo perfetto, directed by Luca Lucini (2005)
    Le 13 rose, directed by Emiliano Martinez Lazaro (2007)
    Milano Palermo - Il ritorno, directed by Claudio Fragasso (2007)
    Mai stata meglio, directed by Dolores Payas (2008)
    Oggi sposi, directed by Luca Lucini (2009)
    Ex - Amici come prima!, directed by Carlo Vanzina (2011)
    Leonardo Da Vinci - Il genio a Milano, directed by Luca Lucini - documentary (2015)
    L'amore rubato, directed by Irish Braschi (2016)
    Se son rose..., directed by Leonardo Pieraccioni (2018)

    Amiche davvero!!, directed by Marcello Cesena - TV film (1998)
    Cronaca nera, directed by Ugo Fabrizio Giordani - TV series, 1 episode (1998)
    Fine secolo, directed by Gianni Lepre - TV miniseries (1999)
    Jesus, directed by Roger Young - TV miniseries (1999)
    Giornalisti - TV series (2000)
    Don Matteo - TV series, episode 3x07 (2002)
    Ferrari, directed by Carlo Carlei - TV miniseries (2003)
    Orgoglio - TV series (2004-2006)
    Il capitano - TV series (2005-2007)
    Il Grande Torino, directed by Claudio Bonivento - TV miniseries (2005)
    Capri - TV series (2006-2008)
    Crimini - TV series, episode 1x03 (2006)
    Graffio di tigre, directed by Alfredo Peyretti - TV miniseries (2006)
    Lo smemorato di Collegno, directed by Maurizio Zaccaro - TV miniseries (2009)
    Mannaggia alla miseria, directed by Lina Wertmüller - TV film (2010)
    Rossella - TV series (2011-2013)
    Wilfred - TV series, episode 1x12 (2011)
    Dove la trovi una come me?, directed by Giorgio Capitani - TV miniseries (2011)
    Cesare Mori - Il prefetto di ferro, directed by Gianni Lepre - TV miniseries (2012)
    Crossing Lines - TV series, 22 episode (2013-present)
    Il sistema, directed by Carmine Elia - TV miniseries (2016)
    La porta rossa, directed by Carmine Elia - TV series (2017-present)