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Matteo Valentini was born in Rome in 2003 and, since a very little boy, he showed a special talent for every form of art. He acts, sings, dances, plays drums and piano. At his first audition he was cast in "Un medico in famiglia" (2011). Since then, school engagements permitting, he kept nurturing his passion and took part in several works. He was in the fiction "Baciamo le mani" (2012-2013), took part in various films, among which "Banana" by Andrea Jublin (2013), "Scusate se esisto" by Riccardo Milani (2014), "Storie sospese" by Stefano Chiantini (2014) and "Gli ultimi saranno ultimi" by Massimiliano Bruno (2015). He joined a monologue on bullying in the television show "Laura e Paola" (2016) prime time on Rai1. He was the protagonist of the music video for the song "Guerriero" by Marco Mengoni (with more than 72 million views) who also wanted him as a guest in X Factor 8. This performance, in 2015, earned him the Charlot Award as Child of the Year. In 2018 he worked mainly on TV: he was Nick, the protagonist of "New School" (2016-), the new teen-series for kids airing on Deakids and Super!, and interpreted Stefano Belli in the Rai fiction "Non dirlo al mio capo 2". His love for acting and music led him to musical, as he showed a talent for singing and dancing. He became so passionate about the different disciplines as to audition, in 2016, for "Billy Elliot" and being cast as Michael. He also starred in "Evita", "Lady Oscar" and "Boom". He is a student at the Accademia Il Sistina since 2016.

  • Filmography:

    Gli ultimi saranno gli ultimi – directed by Massimiliano Bruno (2015)
    Storie sospese – directed by Stefano Chiantini (2014)
    Scusate se esisto – directed by Riccardo Milani (2014)
    Banana – directed by Andrea Jublin (2013)

    New School - Produced by De Agostini (2016 – present)
    Non dirlo al mio capo 2 – directed by Riccardo Donna (2017)
    Laura e Paola – Produced by Ballandi (2016)
    I fatti vostri – Rai 2 (2016)
    X-Factor 8 – with Marco Mengoni for "Guerriero" (2014)
    Baciamo le mani – directed by Eros Puglielli (2012/2013)
    Un medico in famiglia 7 – Rai 1 (2011)